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YouTube links on Song Entries & Playlist

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roxcyn | 00:50
On some songs, you go directly to the song entry and it says no YouTube linked. However, I go to my playlist and that song plays the video. Help!
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Ray | 12:06
I need a little more info on this, I don't think I understand the issue. Do you have an example? Thanks!
No problem! [Using Google Chrome, maybe that causes this? Maybe not clearing the cache every hour?]

You mostly FIXED this! So really not much to report on..... just being fussy I guess:

The song on the playlist is sometimes "different" than the song that is showing on the Song Page

[Original problem? Was that "zero" You Tubes appeared on the Song Page, even while the playlist was playing them somehow! So whatever you did to successfully bring back all the hundreds of missing "Videos" worked!]

Minor problem left over:

Lets install the following songs on your playlist:

Try comparing the video on the playlist versus the video on the "Song Page" for each of these:

1. "Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac

Has on the Song Page playing the Video from their '97 Tour

While on the "Playlist" its playing just the Audio track (video only shows a still photo of their "Rumors" Album)
of "Go Your Own Way"...

I thought whatever is programmed or chosen for the "Song Page" becomes the choice for the "Playlist" Am I wrong? Did the CMS change coming up alter this process early?

2. "Take On Me" by a-ha

Song Page has an BBC Interview Video with a-ha from 9-11-2018 --followed by a live performance on same BBC show now

while the playlist is playing the

Take on Me (2016 Remaster) You Tube

[A better one to have here is the 2010 4K animated official video version....

but I'm getting too fussy here]

NOW its showing both the BBC version.... while I was in and out several times checking if my links were accurate.....but my going in and out should not repair a problem if I'm not coding, correct?

3. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by Eurythmics

Song Page has the Original Official Video playing on it....

While the Playlist says "No Video available" still (just the reverse!!! of the original error--- ha ha )

NOW ITS WORKING A miracle! While I went back and forth many times to confirm it was "broken" before sharing it...what is going on? Do I need to watch every link to fix them all? Massive project unless there is an automated fix that can do the work for me??

4. "Man on the Corner" by Genesis

Has the video working on the playlist

But the Song Page says the same

(should be the same correct?) Video is unavailable in my country, yet I am playing it using the playlist!

[Sorry again, going back and forth, now BOTH places say there is no video no music, no song to play in either location! Did I fix it myself? ]

5. "That's All" by Genesis

has the opposite effect!

The Video is working on the Song Page

But the Playlist is saying the video is not working in my country.

[But now that is surprisingly fixed too! Just going in and out, both sites play the same exact song version/You Tube! I fixed it myself! (or did I?)....]

Summary: As you can see, it was very frustrating to find some of these suddenly working in one location, but not in the other. At least with the original error, I was able to show you a hundred or more easily with the same error....now its jumping back and forth between what is being shown on a Song Page, and what is actually being allowed to play on the "Playlist" version...

Thanks for looking into this Ray!

P.S. :
6. Another example: just to confuse and confound you...... when you think you got the error explained correctly:

a favorite I like to listen to:

"Holiday Road" by Lindsey Buckingham

has on the Song Page

the opening credits of the original "Vacation" movie in a 2015 created You Tube

but the preferred one, is the Official Music Video which is showing on the "Playlist"

How confusing to explain that one!

Especially when BOTH now show the same one, the Movie credits version.... honestly! I saw the other version here just 15 minutes ago, while deciding when I'm going to finish editing and post this!
and since someone reminded me of this group by their comment in the general area I went to check:

7. "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top

Song Page (before it self-corrects!!!) has a different version than the one that plays on the Playlist

Prefer the one that is showing on the Playlist entry..... the original music video!
Ray | 09:04
Thanks for the detailed info, a great help!

I've seen the issue and this is what is going on. Due to the other video issue videos could not be refreshed for a short while. I think the system need a short while before everything is back in sync.

Opening a video on a song page triggers the system to to a check on the video and may update the video to a better version. Playlists use this same new version. But if you've already opened the playlist, you may find an old video there.
Hallo Ray!

Hopefully I can ask this question in here--without complicating it by opening up a new Support thread, since you wrote about this here in this thread.....

You explained the problem as.....

Opening a video on a song page triggers the system to to a check on the video and may update the video to a better version. Playlists use this same new version. But if you've already opened the playlist, you may find an old video there.

But I'm puzzled!

How come (for past 10?+ years or so I've been here)

If I find a "better" You Tube that I'd rather be listening to on BOTH the Song Page, and of course my Playlist,

All I had to do was send a PM to a Moderator and usually very kindly they did the switching....

and the switching of the You Tubes.....was permanent.. it (until this week) would stay there as the You Tube, and there was no attempt by Snap or the system to try to "upgrade" it....

To say this in another way..........

I really don't prefer that automatic "upgrade" as ofttimes, you will get some teen who is just starting out on You Tube and played the song/sang the song, or even one of the Voice or Eurovision (ESC) Idol etc. type of song contests, and that one is chosen by Snap or the System to magically becoming a more modern 2020 2021 2022 version of the song!


like I posted above,
repeated below here.. the original You Tube Music Video from the 1983 Official Video will vanish away!

7. "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top

Song Page (before it self-corrects!!!) has a different version with John Fogerty and guest performer, not the whole ZZ Top group, just Billy Gibbons, than the one that plays on the Playlist. Its excellent, but......

I prefer the one that is showing on the Playlist entry..... the original music video!

So is there some secret button or code activation available to Moderators (and yourself) that "sets" the You Tube "forever" (until someone says we can't show it)---on the song page and the playlist?

I know you can "fix" this particular song page ----I really don't care about which one you show here,

But I'm looking for a solution in the principle of the process, can we select to "stop" it from automatically searching out the "latest" one, no matter what it is, so long as the "tags" somewhat match the song title?

I've seen closely worded songs appearing automatically when I check, and have manually pointed them out, but really, I can't possibly watch over 1 million and counting songs you have here for which videos they go with, so we can "sing along with the video!"

Right? Isn't that the purpose of this website, we get the Lyrics, so its nice to have a clean track of music to sing along with it, and not a cover band or some live performance where the performers "forget" their lines and just go all over the place (see John Fogerty & ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons duet for that song) but they break from the lines in the Lyrics! So what good is having THAT video on the Song Page and Playlist?

I much prefer the Official one, with exactly the same words, music, timing and everything to practice the song.......... hey! That's my name! So I'll end with...

Ray | 11:32
Thanks Practice for sharing your thoughts!

This video system has not changed, it has always worked like how I described. Videos are never permantent, this is because they can be removed from YouTube or not allowed anymore to be embedded websites.

Of course there are more algorithms in play in this system (systems are always complex ). One is that manual input (moderators) get higher reliability and are rarely overruled by the system. That explains why videos added by moderators seem to live forever.

roxcyn | 08:52
It would be best if we could set the video so Snap doesn't h keep switching them.
robinsvy | 04:40
i have been saving this sore subject for a time after the new site is stable. It has been going on for at least 6 years. The immediate fires get put out, yet the underlying glitch is never fixed.
roxcyn | 13:54
Ray on the beta thread I posted screenshots to show. It really needs to be fixed as I believe that's why people come here to read the lyrics and watch/listen to the accompanying music video.
robinsvy | 02:03
Summary - I visited certain artist pages and looked at each of their 10 most popular songs.

David Guetta - about one half of his most popoular songs do not have an embedded video.
Taylor Swift - 8 of her most popular songs do not have an embedded video.
Nirvana - 8 of their most popular songs do not have an embedded video.
the Beatles - 9 of their most popular songs do not have an embedded video.

Almost all of the song audios played perfectly in the webplayer.
robinsvy | 10:20
Whoa, the youtube video searching is back online and working better than ever. I don't know who or what fixed the video glitch, but thankyou, thankyou, thankyou !
robinsvy | 23:59
Well, it does work well every once in a while. Good to see that it currently included on the "Site upgrade - bugs and change requests" listing!
Ray | 17:59
Once in a while is I think a pretty good description. I redesigned the video system to fix all the flaws that you guys described in the topic. But there seem to be quota limitations on the YouTube search requests. So indeed, it works fine until we run into a quote issue. Working on that right now. I'll keep you posted.
Ray | 16:10
The quota issue has been solved, I think the video system works better now.
Great! Thanks for fixing the quota problem with You Tube.


I don't have to list every error here... I'll give it a few weeks to sort itself out...and see what remains to be "fixed"......

But Songs on my Playlist (and maybe elsewhere) continue to reflect and say "x no video available"


[empty space] meaning there IS everything on that song page link--including a video.

When EITHER way they are still in error....

i.e. video when it says "x no video available,

Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

OR NO video yet while still saying its working fine

example: This may be the poorest example... I came across others but didn't save or mark on a list, I'll look for better ones, but this gets the idea.... how can we do lyrics if we can't at least listen (if not see) the song played?

She Loves You - Billy Joel

I think --not certain this is a You Tube of the song:

Send SNAP on its way to clean up the site from all these leftover errors---after all he can work 24/7 at this, at super-speed too!

Especially annoying when its a song that you are requesting "submit lyrics" or "submit these lyrics" in yellow box saying that we don't have lyrics for this one yet!

And there is no song for us to listen to and provide lyrics!
roxcyn | 09:14
I replaced the first one with the single version of the video. The second one looks like it was a live cover and I added the video you suggested.
Ray | 14:01
I just found out, there is another issue on the videos. Going to fix that one as well. I'll keep you guys updated.
Thank you roxcyn for both! Now I can enjoy them again any time!

And thank you Ray too for fixing the things that inevitably get broken from using them around here!
Just two tiny notifications:

First one about this thread's topic:
I could post a list.....but on my playlist its saying "x no video available" for just about EVERY song heading on my list....

That is whether or NOT there IS or NOT a video attached to the song page!

(for certain artists, not all of them so its not "easy" to find or demonstrate).....if you need more information I can compile a list of errors, but fixing "one by one" is not my request, or the goal...

Computer & SNAP can fix things errors in listings automatically, without human help---reliving humans for more important creative tasks on this site!

Second small item---
--while I'm making a post anyway here...----I got your Message [Titled: Re: Error report Just sending this to you] in my inbox for LetsSingIt messages, 11 days ago, [my how time flies, I was going to say this sentence below when it was just 6 days old! Where DOES the time go???]

I'm working on a reply and didn't want to just send you a blank message with "working on it" as that does upset my nice in/out box for messages here.....since I can't "star" it or "snooze" messages here yet! --Thanks for reply!)
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