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smitty83 | 19:13
hi evry1 there are probably already threads like this so sorry but i couldn't see any. nva mind. basically just write in and say your favourite.. anything. absolutely anything. lemme no what your favourite stuff is.
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moviefann182 | 23:50
i no i love girl, interrupted. i have that movie memerised lol. but ya that nd donnie darko r great movies!!
AngelicDory | 03:49
My Fav Color Is Black And Pink, And My Fav Band Is Evanescence ^^ Does Anybody Like It?
NIRVANAGUY98 | 03:55
my favorite band: Nirvana
Favorite song:Kashmir (led zeppelin)

NIRVANAGUY98 | 03:56
favorite movie: ferris buellers day off

favorite quote: life moves pretty fast, if u dont stop and look around once in a while, u might just miss it-Ferris Bueller
fleeper | 03:58
my uh...favorite...uh...song at teh moment is Black No. 1 by Type O Negative..
x0babiejennz | 04:29
my favorite thread here is the randomness threads
Jabbas | 05:20
hmmmz my fav footy team is geelong
fav player: gary ablett
fav person: you!
fav smiley: (he's pimpin')
fav letter: A
fav number: 7 and 3
fav bands: The Strokes, The Living End, Nirvana, Jebediah, Blink 182 mmm and many many more.
Is this boring you yet? Well, I'll keep going anyway..
fav game: twister
fav name: adam
fav thread: this one provides quite the entertainment for me
fav hobby: skating (if i could) and music
funniest song: hold me, thrill me, kiss me - paul anka
fav ad: sterling beer ads
Olivia_Ka | 06:43
Color? Purple.
TV show? Don't know.
Ice cream flavor? Vanilla and mint/chocolate.
Season, and why? Summer because it's warm, I can go out and feel tranquillity.
Concert? Martin Solveig, Zénith de Paris, September 2007.
Cigarette brand? I don't smoke but I tried ten 'Malbac'/'Marburgo'/'Maribor'/'Marl' (one menthol and nine reds).
Clothes brand? La Mode est à Vous (LMV).
Number? 5.
Boy name? Oliver.
⚽ Football team? Olympique Lyonnais.
Country? Australia.
Food? Cream-base pizza or chips/French fries.
Animal? Koala.
Series? None.
Alcohol-free drink? Coke Zero.
Hour and day to have a smoke? Tuesday, cig PM (6pm/cigarette/Philip Morris).
Hour and day to have a beer? Monday, wine o'clock, nine at night.
Spanish female singer? Rosa López.
Remixer? Thin White Duke aka Stuart Price and Fred Falke.
Pasta? Spaghetti, farfalle (butterflies), fusilli (screws) and maccheroni (macaroni).
Quality Street chocolates? Blue with coconut, purple with hazelnut and red with strawberry jam. All 3 are my choices.
Puzzle? Sudoku.
Greek god? Hermes. I just don't really know why you think about men's fashion.
Pizza? Capra al miele to goat cheese with honey.
Sweets? I must choose... Haribo's (yellow) crocodiles, I already liked them when I was little.
Languages? Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
Discovery? So many originals of Claude François' songs.
Month? February.
Teacher? My French teacher in secondary school.
Instrument? Piano.
YouTuber? Um, CopyComic, I think.
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