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Song Name Game - Letter

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Hello everyone.

I am pleased for starting my second topic in this forum seventeen years later.
Since entered here I have seen some topics that I joined and I decided to open new one.

Here are the rules of this game.
Someone writes a song, the next one writes another song which starts the last letter of the previous song.

For example:

Person One writes Superheroes - The Script
Person Two replies Swim - Bic Runga
Person Three replies Melisa - Enrico Macias

Continues like these ...
Be careful that your answered song should start with last letter of previous song, not the artist.

Song can be whichever language you would like, as long as the song you choose already exists in our archive.
Also tag your song please.

I'm starting then, my first entry is:

Abrázame - Marcela Morelo

* offtopic :
Next letter is E

Have good times and enjoy.
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Ao To Natsu - Mrs. GREEN APPLE

* offtopic :
Veryyy interesting! These japanese lyrics refuse to be translated properly into English? Anyone want to fix it? Its almost a top 100 song on the International charts...so many people are liking it! THEY ARE CORRECT THEY ARE FROM THE VIDEO LYRICS copied correctly!
Uzak Değilim (Selvi Boylum) - Burcu Güneş

* offtopic :
Off Topic One: Agree with you, Japan culture should be discovered, also Chinese and Korean too. They are may be look like the same, but if you enter their inside you can see the differences. Languages are different but alphabets are similar. Also they don't like eachother.

* offtopic :
Off Topic Two: The band seems like a woman (Mrs. prefixed) but a man sings the song.

* offtopic :
Off Topic Three: Uzak Değilim means "I'm not (too) far" in Turkish Language. May be one day I can translate whole song.
SAIR SALVE salvando ...
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