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Ray | 00:01
December has begun! We're going to make ourselves up for a new month full of holidays and theme days. Besides those days we all know, we also have a tons of silly and funny ones. We have for example Dice Day (4th), App Day (11th), Monkey Day (14th), Tea Day (15th), Whiners' Day (26th), Visit the Zoo Day (27th) or Global Champagne Day (31st).

But back to today, December 1st, on LetsSingIt we celebrate our fifth edition of "Contributor Day"!!!! Many many thanks to all of you who put time and energy into LSI. There are so many people who reach out with a helping hand, it's unbelievable. Without you LSI would have never come this far. Thank you guys!! Keep up the fantastic work!

* offtopic :
Want to become a contributor too? Use the contribute tab to start submit content right away! To get credits and earn points for your contributsions, don't forget to register for a free account! Follow your points and VIP level progress on your profile page.
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Olivia_Ka | 01:32
Thank you very much, Ray. Cheers!
It'd be cool to have a month dedicated to each of the users who have been here for a long time and have contributed to the social aspect of the site. Have a month for Sarah, month for Joey, month for Ant, month for Lisa, etc.
I take all the credit for this site. Thanks for agreeing, Ray.
megdoll187 | 05:23
Lmao joe you just wanna lay on a bed and be fed grapes and fanned

That would be cool though
MCSMeister | 05:39
It's always a pleasure to contribute on here (as well as other lyric sites I administrate) and help people across the globe find lyrics to their favorite songs. And I still remember the first Contributor Day, which happened to be the same year I joined LSI! Feels weird that this is the fifth Contributor Day now, wow.

Ray, keep up the fantastic work in everything you do to make this site what it is.
megdoll187 | 05:49
Curt you definitely have the most names on the site, if I recall
But you definitely are one of the most consistent posters and always like reading your posts

I appreciate everyone that posts no matter how much or how often bc you all keep this site interesting and fun <3

And I appreciate you, Ray, for making this place and keeping it up and running for us ^_^
roxcyn | 13:58
I appreciate you and LSI. Thanks for all the amazing people on here.
racketeer | 00:17
I sometimes close my eyes and put my work down...but some of my best work appears on this site.
Thanks very much for opening mastering and making a forum for us.
racketeer | 00:46
the conviction to keep on keeping on and creating spiritually is something an artist does and "let's Sing It" is a forum that operates through the medium of my lyrics...and it's very very good and refreshing, may I say again. Doors that shut in your face are very easily opened when a higher level of artistic expression accepts you.
Afraid I missed this as I have been far too busy with work but I now have a bit more time for myself and intend being able to contribute more which shouldn't be hard as a zero contribution level recently is the easiest of all to increase! Any ideas that get more users taking part is good and I appreciate the effort that posters make and I hope I can be one of the people who help keep this site interesting.Thanks.
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