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Can't find song on Soundcloud

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zyke_ | 18:06
Hello everyone!
I've been looking for a song that I just cannot get out of my mind, but with no success. I obviously used Google, my Browsing History, my Soundcloud likes/reposts and history, checked every account that I follow, both their uploads and reposts, but I found nothing.
Here is the little info that I have:

Lyrics: "Just hold on to this time, you'll be fine I promise, everyday that you stay in my life I take care of you". Googled them and found similar songs, but I believe the one I'm looking for is a rework/bootleg of "BCee - Hold On", which uses the same lyrics and the voice used is similar.
The only official remix of BCee's song I found was Dexcell's, but it's not his the song I mean.

The genre has a happy-electronic vibe, with Future Bass elements. I used www.tempotap.com to find what Tempo is had and the BPM should be around 120.

I first heard the track around May - June of 2016 on my Soundcloud feed, so it must have been uploaded around that time.

Hopefully someone can help me
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Well, judging by your search for this song, I can respectfully say that you have excellent taste in music. Future Bass is one of my favorite genres. Will definitely look into it for you!
KennyWong | 23:25
Chord overstreet - hold on // Otherwise i dont know.
Guest2506 | 00:17
Hi guys I've been trying to find this song for the longest on sound cloud but can't so I would really appreciate it if u guys would help, the song starts like this ..
Lyrics:diamonds are forever I'm your bestest friend, we the type of love that's never come around again
timmymecks | 12:35
Hmm, that sounds like something I already heard, but I'm not sure what song that is. That seems to be either Chord Overstreet - hold on or something Fischer wrote. I also tried to find it on SoundCloud and some other streaming services. I have a friend who is a genuinely great DJ. I'll ask him about this song. Maybe he knows it. You see, you intrigued me with it so freaking much. I would be very surprised if this song would be some non license music from that could be found on free platforms for stock music,
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