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Favorite Book Or Favorite Book Series

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PianoPLayer698 | 15:38
I don't think I have a favorite book but my favorite book series is The Mortal Instrument Series By Cassandra Clare. What's your favorite book or book series!!
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Sammy680 | 16:19
*Whacks The Mortal Instrument onto reading list* Ta for the recommendation.

The Dark Tower by Stephen KIng. Best ending of anything ever. Worth reading for that alone.
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. Loses it's way at times (and the ending's just dire) but overall pretty good.
Baccano! by Ryohgo Narita - totally worth the ten year wait for a translation. Weaves various tales over several centuries, the overall arc following a group of somewhat unsavoury immortals.

Shadows Fall by Simon R. Green - highly recommend this if you like modern fantasy, it has an interestingly bizarre cast of characters and packs in SO many concepts, puts some series to shame.
Gobbolino the Witches Cat by Ursula Moray Williams. Hands down my favourite children's book.
We3 by Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely .Technically a mini-series, but being so short makes it an easy one sitting read. Basically Homeward Bound with added brutality. Heartbreaking if you're an animal lover.
The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern. Has a really different concept from the usual chick-lit, found it quite relatable too.

There are tons of others, but I'm in the middle of moving so all my books are packed up except from the few on my to-read list. These ones always stand out for me though.
PianoPLayer698 | 17:15
it's such a good series and freeform made the mortal instrument series into a TV show and it's great. I'm on book 5 of the series and there is 6 total. it's totally worth the read and watch. let me know what you think
TygrHawk | 14:08
I gotta agree with Sammy, The Dark Tower is the best thing I've ever read. I've read the majority of King's works, and love the way the DT story line pops up here and there in other books.

I hope the upcoming movies/TV series do it justice. I already know they're making some major changes, but I suppose there's no way around that.
byzykw | 18:54
I've found this thread and I am happy to find the person who also likes The Mortal Instrument Series By Cassandra Clare
Well, although it's an old thread. But I think that it's interesting. I like The Lord of the RIngs book series and The Hunger Games
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