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Hard to Find Song: R&B "Burgundy Blues"?

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pwerkso | 23:19
I've had a heck of a time finding this song, even through Google I cannot find any traces of it. It's been driving me nuts for about a year!!

It's an R&B type song, sung by a female. It's been awhile since I've heard the actual song, but I can faintly remember most of the lyrics, except the beginning. Heres what I do remember:

Like a hollow shell [with love to give?]
In the middle of nowhere the place I live
Until you come back and take away these
Burgundy Blues

I can't believe how this is hurting me
I travel on with such uncertainty
But every time I think of you
I always thought there was no guarantee
I never knew love had a warantee
But every time I think of you

[I can't really remember anything after that except this...]
my subconsious compels me to see

Any thoughts at all? Suggestions? Anything would be appreciated!
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cmcc | 22:54
Shya - Burgundy
altom85 | 15:44
OMG! So I am the original creator of this thread (I never figured out my original password... and my old email has been deleted). 10 years ago I made this thread! Every once in a blue moon I'd Google search for this song. Never found it... in 10 years! How crazy is that? Then today I just happened to search for it again... clicked on my old thread just for a chuckle. But now I saw your reply! OMG! For 10 years I'd been searching for this song hahaha! Now I have it! Wow!! Thank you so much for your reply and figuring out my decade old song search LOL Thanks again, you're awesome! I can't believe I finally have the song name! You rock!
roxcyn | 02:30
I'm glad you found it! Message Ray if you want to keep your old account instead.
Jennijenn | 05:54
Omg, so glad I found this thread! I've been searching for this song like forever! I think it was in a soundtrack album that I had. The beginning goes like this: Timeless memories of you and me the only thing I keep remembering every time I close my eyes I still see you like a hollow shell... Anyway, thanks for this!!!
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