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Rugby vs American Football

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Ok first off, I know more or less nothing about American football (I live in the UK).

But which sport do you think is "tougher"? American football may look bad but they wear so much padding! And the have bloody helmets! And I also think rugby is a better game because it has less pauses in play. And I like rugby because I'm Welsh.

Let's have some opinions of some American peeps!
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jayj | 00:16
red cars are faster
jayj | 00:26
@bucephalus... you cleary a berk.. Going on about how many plays have to memorized in AFM the plays are usually 10 seconds long also its easier to copy a play than be a creative game player like in rugby. A rugby player is a more diverse athelete than an AFM player, and the hits you got like 12 inches of padding plus a helmet. You pussies even have oxygen if you run further than 20 yards. What a Joke !! ha ha ha lmao.....the only thing AFM is good for is the cheerleaders
Cymruambyth | 22:31
I play rugby twice a week and golf twice week in rugby i play with an 18 year old whos nickname is bulldozer he ran into my chest full pelt and cracked 4 of my ribs and then i played american football..........
I dared the team to stand in a line and let me try to charge straight through they laughed and said rugby was a pussy sport and that american footy rules
They stopped laughing when i charGed through their line and knocked a 268 pound player over my points are...
1) american footys padding makes the players clumsy
2)if a 205 pound rugby player (me) charged through a line of 7 american footballers between 200-270 pounds withought stopping and was still alive at the end what does it show....
Rugby is a tougher sport
Here are a few facts that are true and that you can compare between these 2 sports. AF has a defense and offense and Rugby doesn't. Rugby is 20 minutes longer with just a 5 minute half. AF has 4 quarters with a 30 minute half time. Rugby has a limited number of subs. AF doesn't have a limit in most situations. I'm sure there are more facts out there but the ones listed here are just a few
WCAR50 | 16:14
rugby is wayy tougher. American football uses padding...............boring
b3astmaster | 00:14
b3astmaster | 00:26
OK if you must know an American's opinion, of course I would definitely say Football! There's a reason why they wear helmets and shoulder pads.... because they can hit up to ten times HARDER!!! That's why we watch this wonderful sport. Just imagine Patrick Willis, Troy Polumalu, Ray Lewis, Dick Butkus against your rugby guy??? He would get demolished! And for those people that wonders why they pause every 5 seconds, it's part of the game. You have to understand the sport before you hate it or like it. I am not saying that rugby is a sissy sport. Football is a tougher sport. More exciting to watch. Each person has a certain duty (like Chess). Watch NFL and see for yourself!
DaddyFab | 05:59
Rugby requires more stamina and a broader skill set.
Half the team need to be able to scrummage, while the other half have to kick.
All need to tackle, that means little full backs and wingers having to bring down 120kg forwards.
Rugby is tougher, NFL players are bigger, but then so are WWE wrestlers.
all please just have a look at the recent world cup game between england and argentina.. no malicious play but unfortunately it happens and you may be surprised but they get back up and play! now thats tough with a few broken ribs or a brain contusion
Blaze850 | 09:14
OK, this thread is very old and so, to many I may be kicking a dead horse. That having been said, after reading all of the wonderfully informed comments, I feel compelled to express what I believe is a very valid opinion where so few exist. The foundation of my opinion is very simple. I have played both football and rugby at a highly competitive level for many years, I love both games, and the answer is obvious! Both, either, or neither. I played my football in southern California and my rugby in the pacific islands. I tell you this because both games take on vastly unique regional traits in the styles of play, but that is another matter. Rugby is tougher because the action never stops, never. Your lungs will burn and your heart will feel as though it is going to explode. If you dare to catch and hold the ball long enough to do anything with it, you will be hit or tackled many more times by many more people and when you are on the ground there will be what we Americans call a dog pile on almost every play. Anyone who has every really played football knows what that means and to everyone else, those few seconds are so dirty, many are flat out to scared to dare enter. And finally, the Rugby is 90% guts and instinct, you are not wearing pads and the play is not going to stop. But, football is tougher because the schemes both offensively and defensively are much more complicated and all of the guts in the world cannot help you. The hits are much much harder on a much more regular basis. And finally, because the plays only last for 5 seconds. For 5 seconds I can hit and be hit by any of the 21 other men on the field who are bigger, faster, stronger, and just took a 40 yard run to hurtle their well armored body ( with no regard for personal safety) into the weakest, softest, most vulnerable part of my body from the one direction I was not looking in at that moment. Both of them are tougher for their own reasons and neither of them is tougher for those same reasons. The best teams from either would be massacred playing the other's game and yet, truly, both games produce the best all around athletes in the world.
funboy1212 | 14:42
This is a video definition for american footballers vifinition.com
lozah | 04:53
i love rugby!! im english too and i adore jonny wilkinson!
beep | 20:48
Rugby hands down. Those guys will smack American footballers any day. I don't think both sports are really good for your health. I do not thing these dude live too long. Punishing your body is never a cool thing. Yeah I hear they do it for money and it is definitely awesome to watch but I will never think these are healthy sports at all. American footballers actually die pretty young. (If not all)
akashaa01 | 11:54
American football is best nd i really enjoyed to watching football.
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