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QUPNCY | 18:12
For those of you who have cell/mobile phones, whatever you call them, just curious, currently, what is your ringtone? Right now, mine is: Barthezz - On The Move, great european techno song, time to change soon i think, im so fussy with them though lol.

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Thanks jess!
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roxcyn | 03:20
I just changed mine as my phone switched my previous one.

Old one was part of Cyndi Lauper's "Heading West"

(I used the chorus)

My current one is Roxette - 7Twenty7 (the beginning of the song).

I just use an app to make the ringtones, kind of pointless to pay for them when I already paid for my music.

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I think inappropriate ones would have cuss words, that one meme with "move b****, move out the way" would be an inappropriate ring tone. Basically anything that has a lot of cursing.
I was going to post something about the same sentiment of yours:

I just use an app to make the ringtones, kind of pointless to pay for them when I already paid for my music.

I cut and paste the sound file to fit ringtone length.

But you have an app that does that? Which one?

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And What I'm referring to is like having a ring tone from Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff" song....
I Shot The Sheriff was written by Bob Marley & the Wailers ... Eric Clapton recorded his #1 charted version of this in 1974.

......and you forget to put it on vibrate while you're surrounded by our Finest men in Blue at a Police HQ Ceremony etc.. NOT the best place to hear that Ringtone.... Now do you understand? I have others I've never would use for same reason....

Further offtopic: President Obama paid a visit to the Bob Marley house and Museum recently in his Jamaica trip.
My current ringtone is Muzzy - Insignia

From 3:39 - 3:55
roxcyn | 19:09
That would work - that's what I did with my feature phone (before I got my smart phone in 2011), I made a small mp3 and transfered it on the microSD card. Like I said, kind of pointless to pay for a ringtone when I already paid for the CD and/or mp3 album.

Do you have Android? I have iPod Touch so I could find one on iOS if you need one. However, on Android I use an app called Ringdroid - it's pretty small app, too. If you have a lot of mp3s loaded on your smartphone it will recognize the music files and then you get to choose an mp3 then you get to choose which part of the song you want as your ringtone.

* offtopic :
Oh, I see. Well, if you are part of the police and/or family members that is kind of an insentive song to have as a ringtone. It would be worse as you said if it rang at a funeral,

I remember on Two and a Half Men Jake was dating Celeste and Celeste's father was at the house inquiring where the kids were. They both left their cells at home and Alan called Jake's phone and it played the most inappropriate ring tone about back that a** up and slap that a** and b**** this and that. It made for a comical situation.
Olivia_Ka | 02:04
Mine is either La Bamba or The Jacksons' "Can You Feel It?".
Catch me by Demi Lovato
roxcyn | 10:31
Mine is the standard ringtone now.
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