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QUPNCY | 03:47
Hey Guys..
Well after closing as well as removing many threads from the "chat" category due to duplicate posts or just general spam, i thought it would be a good idea if i created a sticky as a sort of resolution for this as it seems people are either just being lazy or truely are that bored that they have to advertise it to everyone.

If you are "bored" or "want some friends" i personally, as the moderator of this category, would prefer if you do not make a topic here spamming how bored you are and/or requesting peoples email addresses and/or yahoo/aim nicknames etc as there are clearly already threads for this;
Do You Have Msn/Yahoo/ICQ?
Do You Have Aim/Aol?

If you care to go through each post in these threads and add random people in the hope of getting to know them and perhaps make friends, then, go for gold, that's what they are there for.

Also, it's probably not a good idea when creating a thread, to type in your email address telling people to add you, that can be annoying.. just add it into one of the ^ above threads & you never know, someone may select and add you to their list.

If you wish to get to know people through the forum and are also bored that you feel like posting, then there are also threads available for this as well;
I'm Bored - Someone Online?
Chez Matts
How Are You Doing?
Happy Clover
* offtopic :
You will ultimately notice that the randomness thread is quite a populer one, therefore the 5000 post limit of a thread goes by quickly and the link will change each time a continuation of the thread is made so i will try and update that here when it happens, as soon as i can.

I think that's about all for now. So, i guess what i am basically saying is that if you feel you have an issue that you'd love to discuss with people or if you wish to find if others that live close to you, then, by all means, post, but if it's just another; "im bored", "i need friends" & "someone talk to me" thread, as i said, post in one of the stickys i gave the links to above as they will most likely give you more interaction with other members instead of having people repeat the same thing to you about spamming.

Don't forget to obey the rules of the forum too;
You'll be banned if you:
- discriminate people
- insult people
- spam, ie posting topics in multiple categories
use rude language

Posts will be removed if:
- they are not posted in the right category
- they don't have a clear title, like titles "I need Help"
- capital letters are not use in a proper way, WHICH IS LIKE THIS

12 komentarze
DeathByMonkeys | 04:25
Ren, that has got to be the longest damn post I've ever seen you make.....
Htd1 | 04:26
she's trying to look good

... you know im good gabe
DeathByMonkeys | 04:27
lol..she succeeded.
Htd1 | 04:32
I'd like to add somethin to Rens..... novel.
Honestly, I don't care if you're bored or if you don't have friends, that's not our problem, it's your problem that you have no life and lack the ability to have friends. Have a nice day
Dream27 | 04:36
yeah! what you said Ren! keep up the good work!
DeathByMonkeys | 04:37
QUPNCY | 04:54
thanks ali hun & thanks gabe for your unvaluable first comment.. and to the other chick that wanted the nodding smiley or what ever lol..ok good job, say what you want, i forgot to lock this thread so most of the posts will be deleted anyway
XxNirvanaxX | 04:55
anoobis | 05:05
i think everyone who wants to make a post in the randomness threads should have to pay me a dollar...mmmm....think of all the spaghetti could buy with $5000 dollars...and that's just from one randomness!! i'll use it to buy more capital and expand to the happy clover!! then the i'm bored someone online thread!!!! MWAHAHAHHA (oops) mwahhahahaha!!!
QUPNCY | 05:07
yeah ok, the purpose has been destroyed, beleive it or not, i actually *am* tryna be serious lol, it reaaally annoys me when there's just spam there.. some people, continuously make the same thread once every 2 weeks, it's the worst man..
anoobis | 05:08
lol sorry bout that renata...sabes que te quiero
QUPNCY | 05:26
aww, it's ok noobs

... and the thread is locked.. anyone who has anything to say or whatever then email or talk to me on msn about it.
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