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Site upgrade - bugs and change requests

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Ray | 13:22
This is a support page for the site upgrade, read more about this here: Site Upgrade – Beta Version Launched!.

Below is a list with known bugs and change requests and their status.

If you found a new bug or would like to submit a change request, please let me know by leaving a comment in this topic.


[open] Cropping pictures
When cropping an uploaded picture by using the zoom option in combination with the dragging function, the picture may not be copped as presented in the preview.
Status: unsolved
[open] Review notifications don't work for rejected content
When submitted content completed review and was rejected, the notification doesn't work.
Status: unsolved
[closed] System doesn't recognize featured artists in tracklist titles
Status: solved
[closed] "No Video available for this song"
On song pages that have a video linked sometimes a "No Video available for this song" appears.
Status: solved
[closed] Video search remains empty
When trying to enter a video for a song, the search results sometimes remain empty.
Status: solved
[closed] "add new artist" button ias broken
When adding a featured artist to a song, the "add new artist" button (for adding artists not in the system yet) is broken and returns an error.
Status: solved
[closed] The bookmark/playlist-button does not shows up as yellow on bookmarked content.
Status: solved
[closed] "bonus-track" tag not working properly
When adding bonus tracks to an album page by appending [Bonus Track] to the end of the song title, it will now show up in the tracklist with [Bonus Track] after it twice - one of these actually being added to the title, while the other one is the proper system identifier.
Status: solved
[closed] "add-label" button is missing
When trying to enter an unknown label, the "+add new record label" button is missing.
Status: solved
[closed] Remove content without approving other content
If content is added that already exists and you use the remove / already exists option, the remove option should take care of all the other content and no manual review should be needed.
Status: solved
[closed] Loading a picture made system hang.
When loading a picture over a non-secure HTTP connection, the system should raise an alert.
Status: solved
[closed] The edit-form of the "about" song/album is not working.
Status: solved
[closed] The album link is empty wen reviewing an album removal request.
When reviewing an album removal request, the link to the correct album remains empty.
Status: solved
[closed] Pressing Enter key shows error page
On the "Download from Internet" form, pressing the Enter key shows an error page.
Status: solved
[closed] Pictures won't load correctly
Picture that succecsfully loaded in the old system don't load anymor ein the new system.
Status: solved
[closed] Changing the capitalization of an artist name gives duplicate error
The new system doesn't recognize changing the capitalization of an artist name, an duplicte error is shown.
Status: solved
[closed] Reviewing an album gives infinite load symbol when tracklist contains special quotes
When opening the review form for a new or improved album that has non-standard quotes in the tracklist, you run into an infinite loading symbol.
Status: solved
[closed] Link in my-content don't work for new content
After adding a song or album, the link in my-content don't work.
Status: solved
[closed] Album and song cover don't load after move
When moving an album or song to another artist, the cover (if exists) won't load. The remove functionality has been disabled until this issue has been fixed.
Status: solved
[closed] Review notifications don't work
When content you submitted has been reviewed, the notification with the review results doesn't work.
Status: solved
[closed] New artists don't appear correctly in searchengine
After adding an artist and looking up this artist in the searchengine, the search results are blank. There is a search result for the artist, but no name or other text is displayed.
Status: solved
[closed] Infinite loading review button
When clicking on the review button while no items are in the review-queue, the page hangs ("infinite loading").
Status: solved
[closed] Prepublished content appears as "improvement" in queue
When content is pre-published on the site (i.e. already added to the site, but still under review) it appears in the review queue as "improvement". it should actually appear as "new".
Status: solved
[closed] Header styling incorrect
The new header styling is not always displayed properly.
Status: solved
[closed] Review queue popup doesn't close
When you open an item to review from the review list, the review list doesn't close. After reviewing the item, a new review list is opened. The result is that you end up with multiple popups that you have to close.
Status: solved
[closed] Infinite loading after reviewing
When reviewing an item in review the page hangs ("infinite loading").
Status: solved
[closed] The resource button does nothing when you click on it
The "Resources"-button on the CMS form doesn't do anything when you click on it. The button has been removed.
Status: solved

Change requests

Update Sitemap
Update the sitemap.
Make gallery pictures accessible for header-pictures
Make gallery pictures accessible for header-pictures
Rebuild header-picture from old system
The header pictures from the old system don't look nice in the new layout because the new system stretches these images. A rebuild of thes pictures should fix the problem.
[closed] Reinstall back and forward tabs on albums
On song pages the back- and forward tabs on albums whoud be reinstalled.
[closed] Make capitalization of names consistent
The capitalization across the site is inconsistent when dealing with artist names and song titles that are in all-lowercase.
[closed] Improved error handling at picture uploading form
When uploading a picture fails, the system does now produces a better error message of what went wrong.
[closed] Featured artists form has an edit-option now
Featured artists can now be edited.
[closed] System accepts shorter lyrics
[closed] Tabe restored on member profile pages
The tabs are re-added on the member pages to make things more clear and intuitive. Now you can "jump" to the section of the profile you want.
[closed] Museum updated
The LSI Museum Site has been updated with the 2009 through 2022 site design.
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Oh sorry to write so many posts in a row....I should give others a chance to comment first!

Hi again Ray:

Speaking of the Playlist and many other song pages:
You fixed the header problem!

Now these songs have SHARP CLEAR PERFECT PHOTO quality images at the top of the page!

For example:

Havana - Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug

In The Navy - Village People

These in my own playlist still have the "fuzzy lines overlay"

All dates of song pages---and music artists..... both old and new:

She Loves You - Billy Joel

Men In Black - Will Smith

Listen To Your Heart - Roxette

Rock The Casbah - The Clash

Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry

And Even on the Newest Charts pages: [Many have been "fixed" but........]

Check out Number 25 on charts this week:
Riptide - Vance Joy

Visible as Number 34 this week!

and fuzzy photos for major groups like Imagine Dragons! Going down, but still # 60 this week on charts:

Bones - Imagine Dragons

And as we move on down to #91..... picking these in case the "overlay" can be happening as its older groups, and SNAP has not caught up to them, so showing the newest groups have fuzzy pictures in header too!
Heaven - Niall Horan

Gave you a bunch to show, but not to take time and effort to fix each one but to demonstrate that there is still plenty left to go.

Maybe set up an "auto fix" method for these so computer does all the hard work!

Good Luck!
MCSMeister | 16:22
Maybe set up an "auto fix" method for these so computer does all the hard work!

Practice, you can see in the first post that a rebuild of the header system is still being looked into and is on the change request list. The ones that still appear with the grid overlay are from the old system and haven't been manually updated by anyone yet. The process is not automatic (yet). Ray already talked about this here back in September:

True, the old header-pictures are smaller in size and are stretched in the new layout. The overlay is part of the picture, so unfortunately it's not a matter of simply disabling it. I can rebuild header-pictures from one of the images from the gallery. But since the w / h ratio is different for the header-picture than the images in the gallery, I part of the picture needs to be chopped. I don't know if that will give a nice result when this is done automatically. Let me look into this options.
Yes Nicholas, correct you are to point it out to me.

Dividing my response into two parts makes this clearer to you I hope:

Part One:

If you click on that item in the blue area/first post, says also:

The header pictures from the old system don't look nice in the new layout because the new system stretches these images. A rebuild of thes pictures should fix the problem.

The main point of my earlier posting was when "Me" "Practice" or "You" uploaded a photograph to be used in one of "our" own written thread headers, the image was "stretched" on the "preview"....go ahead try it!

The Image was soooo stretched out, one cannot "reduce" its size so the important part I was trying to demonstrate in the various "support" threads ....i.e. showing the bottom of the image of the header bar for example....I was attempting to share on the LSI Website for support help.... was inaccessible ....

I get it, its just two parts of the same problem of loading photos.............but to clear this up for Ray, I'm mainly pointing out in my single posting above that ...

Call this Part Two:

SOME! Hooray! Of the regularly uploaded photos for the Song Header pages (nothing I had to do with, or my attempts to upload things) were automatically being fixed!

I did "nothing" to assit.

I suddenly found the exact SAME photos I've been staring at on "my personal playlists" song pages, for a long time, which is why I'm certain I've seen these images before.....

Are CLEAR as anything...without the fuzzy "overlay".....

and "SOME" of the exact same photos.....[exactly as in age of the artists/groups eras they are from so in case they are considered classical or "older" photos? versus newer style photo quality or number of pixels used]....that appear on other song pages for my other artists under my
playlist items are not yet automatically touched or corrected.

That is why I journeyed outside my Playlist, and found song pages on the "Charts"....section that I always assumed are the most current, up to date checked out parts of this website...as they show me the latest songs topping the charts.... that "SOME" are fuzzy still and "SOME" are crystal clear......

So that is hopefully ............in my longer explanation here..........
Why I felt I could post these comparison links in my first post above, as "something new" that is occurring.......but definitely not worthy of a completely separate thread since I know Ray is working on the "stretching" problem and header photos in general.

Once more, in summary: Just pointing out that it seems automatically!!! these images are randomly being corrected here and there to the sharper ones, without the overlay .....that makes them fuzzy.

Nothing here to indicate that size of the originally uploaded photo had anything to do with it, as we always had this problem since the 2001 or 2005 update of the site....
3. [Unless this #3 belongs under "Killer Ideas" but I'm certain you know about this from other sites.]

As long as I'm thinking inside the box of "My Playlist" How about having somewhere the "fake" (yeah I know its kinda fake but looks "cool" ) of having in the top area "treble" and "base" audio High/in red, Medium/in green Low/in yellow movement of audio levels as your chosen SONG is playing? Better than just looking at the tiny YT photo at the bottom, as it adds more information?

Everybody take a look at the new Playlist header image!

Thank you!

Its inactive now....but one day..... it might actually flow up and down right to left along the screen!

* offtopic :
[You know, Amazon Music advertising on the LetsSingIt entry page---has ad with one built in "music bar" with a sample song on it!]
And presenting now! Live!!!

In Full Glorious HiDef 3D extra bright Color!!!

EASTER EGGS!!! on the "My Playlist" page.....

Take a look at the future of LetsSingIt with EVERY holiday able now to be celebrated in full photographic images!

Thank you Bedankt! Ray!!!!
Olivia_Ka | 03:30
I still don't understand the
this song should be taken down
There are 3 reasons why a song may be removed : either "fake", either "wrong artist" or "duplicate". All 3 of them are no problem to me.
It means : removing a song only by request of the artist or writer or rights owner, right?
What about the
this song is offensive
I regret not having used it a few hours ago.
Ray | 17:38
Céline, the "this song should be taken down" is indeed when the artist, writer or rights owner would like to see lyrics to be taken down.

For offensive, you can use the "Other" option and describe the exact reason. About a song begin "offense", that's a complicated thing. As long as it is not in the category discrimination, rasiscm, etc, it's often a matter of interpretation What one person things is offensive, is no problem for another one.

I checked the two songs you submitted as offensive. I could not find why these songs are offensive. Do you perhaps have more info? Merci

1. Every Breath You Take - Martine McCutcheon
2. Fast Car - Luke Combs
Olivia_Ka | 21:11
Has any of you listened to Unclubbed 2? That's a covers album.
Why did both artists put them on their studio albums rather than a covers albums/a tribute album to Sting or Tracy Chapman? Did Martine and Luke have approval from both original artists before releasing their respective albums ?

I really don't know and I went into some nervous breakdown last night while listening to Luke Combs'. "Every Breath You Take" fits the whole album at half, while "Fast Car" doesn't IMO.
MCSMeister | 00:56
I am not fully understanding this "incorrect usage of brackets" error when editing song titles. I was always under the impression that brackets should be used to denote remixes, alternate versions, and things of that sort (such as "Song [Remix]", "Song [Version 2]", etc.). However, sometimes this error pops up when a song genuinely has a parenthetical in the title, as it did here on "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)". I was trying to correct the song title, but the system wouldn't even let me correct it unless I changed the parentheses to brackets first.

What is the criteria for this error to appear in the first place? It's flat-out incorrect in this case, whereas with remixes/alternate versions/etc. I can understand it since it's not part of the "official" title.
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