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Olivia_Ka | 08:06
Kept this secret for months so now it's time.

In couple since January 2018, engaged on July 3, 2019.
February 9, 2022 : coping with parenthood so there will be less investigations. My fiancé is over the moon. I've been ecspecting a Mini for 5 months and a quarter. I'm back to this experience after a mistake a youth at 19, that lasted 3 months only. No posting of photos because it will disgust me. No IVF either since it all came naturally for him and me.
I'm only waiting for one thing : making my Mini discover the city centre, where I was born. (My fiancé did want me to tell this capital news.)
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Olivia_Ka | 08:29
I wore black pants, a black form-fitting T-shirt with a rock band name on it and a brown shirt fully open, during a morning event, probably a closing party. That's how I imagined myself on a photo, with the caption of my name, my age and "5 months and a quarter along", during a dream I had last Wednesday (February 9).
French music critic Céline [...], 36, was there one day before announcing her followers that she was 5 months and a quarter along with her first child.

So I recreated that look in the evening, having laid my hands below the visible waist, but did not have any photo taken. Please, paparazzi, get your cameras away hypothetical pregnancies give you too much appetite while you get me sick.

I assume my acts, too. Me being gravid with a Mini was a full joke. It blew you over, right? That was my way to criticize pregnancy announcements on social network, well, to tell the truth, I faked mine!
But never mind, I said it was an accident, though any girl can have suggestive forms during the winter. So I invented a whole story, since I don't think pregnancy would become my working-girl personality. And being at 5 months and a quarter : that was in my dream, only. But at 21 weeks, the fœtus really has you feeling the fluids all over, 4 types as : waters, magnetic, in your heart and your breast, massing and developing your form. Even when you're not procreating, they work.
I let my mother know that I would only buy an apartment if I was expecting a Mini, pointing to my stomach. She took twenty seconds to understand (a baby, or a "little flower" if my first child was a daughter), then I told her about my impossible dream. By choice, by conviction, even if I have a stable relationship, it's unlikely... To be completely honest, I couldn't handle it.
(You too gentlemen, you feel them too, these fluids: you can have cravings to satisfy, then nausea which makes your jeans squeeze after, but you don't have a machine running for you to feel the little knocks, only the little secret of a big announcement.)

Yup, that 5 month and a quarter, first child, a girl dancing in my 36-year-old mummy belly, was make believe.
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