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New way of dealing with artist name changes

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Ray | 18:38
It's not uncommon that artists change their names. On LetsSingIt the way to deal with such a name change was to change the name of the artist map. Then the old name got simply replaced with the new name everywhere.

Why a new method

I never was quite happy with this old method. Old material released under the old name was also changed. I prefer to use the new name only for new releases, old material should not get a name change. And that's possible now, nice.

How it works

When an artist changes its name, it's added as new artist. The map with the old name is linked to this new map. With this link all content of the old map appears in the new map as if it belongs to the new map.


The album "The Saga Continues ..." was released by "P. Diddy" as he called himself back in 2001 at the time of the album release.

Currently he calls himself Puff Daddy. The map of with former name "P. Diddy" is linked to the "Puff Daddy". The result is that the album "The Saga Continues ..." is listed in the "Puff Daddy" map.

Request link

There is no contribute-tool yet available to create links. For the moment you can use this thread to request links. I'll process them by hand. Please include in your request:

1) the name and url of the current name
2) the name and url of the former name that need to be linked to the current name

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brokenziinhu | 15:30
Timothy DeLaGhetto (current)
Traphik (former)
brokenziinhu | 15:33
J Sutta (current)
Jessica Sutta (former)
brokenziinhu | 15:44
Snoop Dogg (current)
Snoop Doggy Dogg (former)
Snoop Lion (former)
Ray | 17:42
Perfecto! Thanks for the extra info. All updated!
robinsvy | 03:28
I have made one attempt to add a new name for an artist and have been rejected. This, likely, was due to a shortage of info when I explained the situation. I am compiling a more comprehensive explanation for the new name map addition to merge with the old name map. I believe there is good reason for the change as it agrees with the original post in this topic. Emeline[US] has released new material under the name Emeline during 2017 & 2018; The old material that was released in 2013-1016 is under her old stage name, Emeline Easton.

If there is something else I am missing about this new artist that can help get the new map added please inform.

1, Emeline[US]
2, Emeline Easton
robinsvy | 08:44
And here is the more official request:

1, Emeline[US]
2, Emeline Easton
Ray | 14:26
My apologies for the late reply

I updated Emeline [US]
roxcyn | 09:03
Need alias added: Eat Me Raw AND
Mister Owl
Ray | 11:45
I read on WikiPedia the current name is "Eat Me Raw". They were formerly known as "Eatmewhileimhot!" and later as "Mister Owl".
roxcyn | 05:32
Yes, but they never released anything according to their sources as "Eat Me Raw" but however you want to handle it. I appreciate you for adding the aliases.
robinsvy | 03:41
Either I missed an update or there is something wrong; I have a pet project to moderate obscure artists with obscure old songs. When Paris Carney began using the stage name O'neill Hudson, There was a successful merging of maps and I could either enter new Hudson songs or old Carney songs onto the merged map. Recently, when Hudson changed back to her old stage name, P Carney, I found I could no longer add Carney songs onto the merged map. Hmmf!

Is this a glitch or was it intentional that instead of keeping access open to both maps that the old was was demoted to an "aka"? (I really want to keep my pet project alive.)

In any case (and hoping Carney won't flip to another name soon):

1. Paris Carney
2. O'Neill Hudson
Ray | 13:36
I updated the Paris Carney / O'Neill Hudson map . I think this also fixed your problem.
Olivia_Ka | 14:08
1. Arty
2. Alpha 9
Russian DJ.
Ray | 14:17
Updated, merci
MCSMeister | 17:25
So, apparently I'm an idiot and have been using this thread to request these sorts of "former name" aliases for the past year now. I guess at some point down the road I forgot all about this thread and just used that thread to post these aliases - big whoops on my end. Heck, I'm only just now seeing your post from May 23, 2018 in response to me! So let me respond to that first:

- Nicole Wray: what map of "Nicole" should I link to Nicole Wray? I see multiple maps with this name.

- Mel B: Which one is the "current"? Which once are former names? And which ones are aliases?

So I guess there's already an existing map of Nicole - I see the problem. So in this case, that alias couldn't be added because there's already a different Nicole with a map on here.

For Mel B, I think it'd be best to use Mel B as the current name, since she's widely known under this name now. However, she released her first album under Melanie B, and her second under Melanie Brown, so these can both be added to the "also known as" section. Make sure to merge the Melanie B. map with Mel B when you do this, but the alias shouldn't have the dot at the end - just Melanie B

Let me know when you take care of these before I start porting over stuff from that other thread...I don't want to overload you all at once! I just added this thread to my "followed" (apparently it wasn't yet) so I should be in the loop with it now.
Ray | 17:25
We're on the same frequency (or "topic") again. I wasn't following the Rename this artist please thread, so that didn't help either

I updated the Mel B map, I think it looks fine now:

- Melanie Janine Brown
- Scary Spice

Also Known as:
- Melanie B
- Melanie Brown

So gimme the rest from that other thread please
MCSMeister | 17:52
Wonderful! Alright, get ready for a big load then...

- Make thenightyouleft an alias of Kmac2021. He used this name on all of his releases prior to 2019.
- Make Flint Eastwood an alias of Jax Anderson. She changed her stage name to Jax Anderson in July 2019.
- Make That Poppy an alias of Poppy. She used this name prior to 2017 and released an EP under it.
- Make AmpRen an alias for Ample Renitence, as they are sometimes credited under the shortened name.
- Make Thrust Moment an alias for Circle of Contempt. This was their original name and they released two demos under the name.
- Make Tupper Ware Remix Party an alias for TWRP. This was their former name, and it's technically an acronym for that as well.
- Make The Muslims an alias for The Soft Pack. This was their original name and they released an album under it.
- Make The Jakes an alias for Young the Giant. This was their original name and they released an EP under the name in 2008.
- Make Mariachi El Bronx an alias for The Bronx. They've released several albums of mariachi music under this name, but it's the same band, just an "alter ego" of sorts.
- Make Emily's Army a searchable alias for SWMRS. They released two albums under this name before changing their name in 2014.

I think I'll split this up into multiple posts just so it's organized a bit better. More coming shortly.
MCSMeister | 18:17
- Make 100 Flowers an alias for The Urinals, as they used this name on a couple releases.
- Make Deborah Harry an alias for Debbie Harry, as she used this name on several albums.
- Make Elizabeth Daily an alias for E.G. Daily. She is sometimes credited under this name, such as on the songs she contributed to the Scarface soundtrack.
- Make VOWS an alias for VOWWS; this was their previous name.
- Make LoCash Cowboys an alias for LoCash; this was their previous name.
- Make Jeff Lynne's ELO an alias for Electric Light Orchestra. They have used this name for their past two albums.
- Make The Special AKA an alias for The Specials. They used this name for one album.
- Make Tubeway Army an alias for Gary Numan. He used the Tubeway Army band name for his first two albums, but dropped it starting with his third album. The band remained exactly the same, he just chose to go by his own name from that point on. Those albums are in his map already.
- Make AFX, Polygon Window and Caustic Window all aliases of Aphex Twin. These are perhaps his three most known aliases besides Aphex Twin, but he's released music under all three names.

Almost done...
MCSMeister | 18:18
- Merge Captain Murphy with Flying Lotus and make it an alias. It is an alter ego of his and he used this name for one album.
- Merge Barnstorm with Joe Walsh and make it an alias. The albums he released under that band name are generally considered Joe Walsh solo albums, and they can be found in his map already.
- Merge Thee Sixpence with Strawberry Alarm Clock and make it an alias. This was an early incarnation of the band, and they released several singles under the name.

- Finally, make Steven Van Zandt a searchable alias for Little Steven. He is commonly known by this name, as well, but I don't think he's actually recorded solo music under it. So, make it a searchable alias, but not an "also known as" alias. I think that's how that works.

And I think that should be it for now, actually! Let me know if you run into problems or have any questions about these requests
Ray | 18:36

Going to process it, thanks
Olivia_Ka | 02:17
1. Davids Lyre (name used in 2010-2012)
2. Fyfe (since 2013)
English singer.
eeeidna | 17:31
Originally Itchy Poopzkid until 2017, but now this band goes by Itchy.
MCSMeister | 17:33
Another addition to my monolithic pile above...

Squiggle Glitz should be made an "also known as" alias for Peacock Roy. She used this name prior to 2017.
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