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Woodstock 50th Anniversary

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boyettalyssa | 22:45
Do you know what Woodstock will be it's fiftieth anniversary this summer. It's been a long time ago. When you were babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers and young adults. Back in 1969 and the festival was great and you went there. The 1969 Woodstock was the first festival of the year. The 1979 Woodstock was the second festival of the year and it's tenth anniversary. The 1989 Woodstock was the third festival of the year and it's twentieth anniversary. The 1994 Woodstock was the fourth festival of the year and it's twenty fifth anniversary. The 1999 Woodstock was the fifth festival of the year and it's thirtieth anniversary. And the 2009 Woodstock was the sixth festival of the year and it's fortieth anniversary. The seventh festival will be held in Watkins Glen, New York on August the both sixteenth, seventeenth and the eighteenth. The artists will be like Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Imagine Dragons, Robert Plant, Brandi Carlile, Janelle Monae, India.Airie, Country Joe McDonald, Melanie and more. If you wanna go camping, get something to eat, something to drink and see some artists perform on four stages. It will be so much to go there this year. When you get there by car, rental car, train, bus, plane and rental car.
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Olivia_Ka | 05:39
From now on (July 31) Woodstock 50 is officially cancelled, according to Michael Lang. Headliners Jay-Z, John Fogerty and Miley Cyrus all pulled out of the festival, so did Imagine Dragons and The Killers.
roxcyn | 14:25
That's a shame to here!

Let's just hope people don't riot and start fires like they did in '99.
Cheater138 | 11:57
They should've started planning this years ago. It's been a big deal around here being so close. The promoters were ridiculous when they tried moving it to Vernon. Their plans were half finished and they couldn't provide any concrete details got the event, just that "we're gonna have that" when asked about things like security, bathrooms, traffic solutions, accommodations... you knew what year the 50th would be, you had years to plan and didn't. Idiots.
roxcyn | 04:24
Thanks Jeff for the correction. The news was saying they would just have small concerts there. Not sure if that game to fruition nor if they charged people.
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