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Game of Thrones - Season 8

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Official premier date April 14th 2019.

Teaser trailer below:

[B] Spoilers ahead!!![/b]
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fishmunky | 02:28
Yeah I saw that on reddit or Twitter today

But in the end it's meaningless to the story because if you have dig that deep to add significance to the ending it's because the actual story ending was so empty you need that level of fantastic to gain a satisfying end.

Also the theory kinda sucks, what if Arya missed catching the knife?

I'm just bummed about how nothing that they built ended up mattering in the end. R+L=J useless, lord of light useless, why didn't the iron islands and dorne ask for freedom? Why didn't grey worm immediately execute Jon and Tyrion? Why send Jon to the wall if the unsullied are fucking off to naath? Where the fuck are the dothraki?

Also did I jokingly predict bran earlier in this thread? Who's the three eyed raven now?
Then the three eyed raven would have been defeated and it would have come down to Jon vs the Night King.

I'm also bummed that all these things meant nothing in the end. The prince that was promised, that Jaime would kill Cersei. The teleporting of Greyworm to somehow get ahead of Jon even though Jon was heading straight to see Dany. The seasons like it was filmed in the northeast, the virtual no battle damage left within 3 weeks of the dragon burning everything to shit.
fishmunky | 02:37
Negative I said Bronn, I also think that money hungry mercenaries should be masters of coin

It was the best show on TV for 6+ish seasons. In the end they were the Tampa bay lightning of TV shows, elite season, dropped the ball trying to get the title of GOAT
Cheater138 | 22:08
I've read a lot of people complaining that Drogon didn't torch Jon, but question... maybe he knew the fire wouldn't hurt him? Cuz I've been wondering that too and it's the only explanation I can come up with.
My husband said that he knew he was a Targaryen and he couldn't hurt him. Not sure where he heard that
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