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Fire on the Mountain

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Ok, I'm REALLY hoping SOMEONE knows this. I went to this church camp when I was about 6, and we learned this REALLY cool song, called "Fire on the Mountain" which went:

"There's a fire on the mountain tonight
And there's no place to run no place to hide
Tell me, would it be alright, if you had to die tonight
There's a fire on the Mountain tonight"

Well, It's about 10 years later, and I want to sing this song for the church, during the gospel extravaganza. I can't ask the church director, since she is in New Hampshire and I'm in Texas, and I can't find the lyrics ANYWHERE!!!

Please, if you know ANY verses, tell me about them!!!

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JewUnit | 01:49
I found these..

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain
Marshall Tucker Band - Fire On The Mountain
Hank Snow - Fire on the Mountain [Instrumental]
Nah, I looked at all of those. It's an old Methodist church camp song.
patlos | 14:15
I'm interested in finding this as well. We used to sing this in Young Life. Did you have any luck?
kalsonberry | 02:56
Hanson - Fire On The Mountain?
vandy | 20:59
All that popped into my head was Charlie Daniel's Band: "Fire on the mountain, run boys run...Devil's in the house of the rising sun..."
OK, I hope you're still out there because I remember a lot of it. I don't know about you but I learned it at Camp Squanto in New Hampshire - that place was a wealth of awesome songs, most of which have eroded in my memory.

Moses, he lead the pack
Once they started out no turning back
with old Pharoh at his heels
the red sea began to swell,
and they crossed to the other side safe and dry

Peter .....
then the cock began to crow
and he said "how did you know?"
And from that moment peter was a rock

Jesus died upon the cross
for our sins, he paid the cost
now he's inviting you to choose
it's your chance to win or lose.
it's your decision, your gain or loss

If anyone has any more CAMP SQUANTO contributions, please send them to me. I may start an alumni site!!
DubbyJ | 01:49
Do check out Camp Squanto's few profiles on Facebook. You may find something there or someone willing to give you the lyrics. I've camped there since the early 80's and do miss all the songs and the experiences that I encountered. Wish I could turn back the clock!
I FOUND IT http://bluejeremiah.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/the-gift-of-enough/ scroll down to the bottom of the page!
kalsonberry | 10:09
Was about to type a response, and then realize I posted in this thread over five years ago.
RunrigNutter | 05:29
Randy Palmer Oh love this song.
Yes, it was written by Randy Palmer. He's thinking about re-releasing the album that this song was on. If he can get enough folks interested, he will do it and plans to offer it free. If you're interested in the album or just want to say hi to him, his website is: http://www.randypalmermusic.com
Olivia_Ka | 16:29
Not the Asa song?
Chelly3 | 00:23
I also went to Camp Squanto! The second verse goes,
Peter, he denied our Lord
Three times and finally he swore
Then the cock began to crow
And he said "how did you know?"
And from that moment Peter was a rock

There's another verse about Elijah that I can't remember except "and Elijah bowed his head and cried from grief."
RobC | 07:00
Hey ya'll - I'm looking for "Fire on the mountain" chords and lyrics - the website link in this string is broken. Did anybody get all the chords and lyrics to share? Lemme know if you did - we sang this in YoungLife so I'm trying to track it down - thanks!
LexSpell | 21:14
I'm at camp all the time. Here is all of the song together (not the chords/strumming pattern sorry)

There's a fire on the mountain tonight
No place to run, no place to hide
Tell me would you be alright if you were to die tonight
There's a fire on the mountain tonight

Moses he led the pack
Once he started out no turning back
With the Pharaoh at his heels the red Sea began to swell
And they crossed the other side safe and dry


Simon Peter he denied our Lord
Once, twice, three times he swore
When the clock began to crow, he said how did you know
And from that moment Peter was a rock


Elijah he cried out from a tree
He said you're living a life of sin and misery
We said buddy you must be blind because were having a real good time
And Elijah bowed his head and cried from grief


Jesus died on the cross
For our sins he paid the cost
Now he's inviting you to choose, it's your chance to win or lose
It's your decision, your gain or loss

Final chorus

Sorry I don't know the cords of it or anything. We sung this at camp out night every week at Camp Cherokee. I was searching everywhere for the ukulele chords, but I ended up here. If I find anything I will report back to you!
LexSpell | 11:26
I found it!!!

G - C - G
G - D - D7
C - D - Em - C
G - D - G

Thanks to the guy on YouTube who helped me! Probably won't see this, but you are awesome. Hope this helps
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