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My fave campsite being turned into.

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Olivia_Ka | 00:19
Welcome back peeps and sorry not to share my joy today, I've got bad news like 3 days ago... And that saddens me a lot. I'm not going on holiday this year, at about 4 hours of road into South.

So there's a campsite I've been to for many years, seems like it's the only one close to the seaside there. Both my parents have been there a few years before I was born, then I was part of their family trip, too. So there are many good souvenirs with my family, of course, but also the place... Cicadas and birds. I can hear them right now even though I am at home. And I loved free concerts from cover bands in mid-July, when I was 20 years old (wonderful, I was overwhelmed a few days before my birthday).

But now things have changed. We stopped going there from 2011 to 2017 mostly for family reasons - both my parents having to care a lot for my grandparents until their last days, so there were 3 funerals in the meantime - and then there were a few makeovers at home too (corridors, kitchen and living room). So we only went back to that campsite in 2018 and 2019, in early July. 2019 was a worse year for me, I was under shock of other bad news (unrelated to the one below) and I spent too much time playing games or working on my comp instead of bathing - I cannot even suntan anymore because I have skin reactions, even with protecting cream. I must tell that there isn't anything particularly nice in the first half of July, 'cept the fireworks for Bastille Day.
The problem is : you have to pay for the trailer, even the years you won't go on holiday - so we wonder if we're gonna sell it but nothing is in the works yet.

Friday afternoon (July 30), my mum told me the latest news according to Facebook. The campsite we used to go until 2019 - not last year and this year for COVID-19 reasons - is on the way to undergo makeover, too. The owners have changed last May. The main problem is they want to make it a 4-star campsite with more "attractions", more wooden houses (chalets/cabins/mobil homes/whatever), even houses in the trees, so less places to park trailers or tents! And of course, we are not the only ones dissatisfied with this decision! Other people who went there for 30 or 40 years are, too, and would urge the new owners to stop taking such decisions. Sad to see such a beautiful place go, even though in a protected nature area.

And so, because of all that, I feel like mourning one of my favourite places to go to on holiday (and write poems too). Feeling bluesy, in tears and having heartache to start the week.
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