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Songs With The Word No: 2

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After ten years the most known contest has ended with Snap's message.
I would like to continue new one with the same fun.

Rules are simple, but a little changed than the old one.
1. Starting by saying a word and the next person has to name a song title that has that word in it and then he/she says another word starts with last letter of the previous word and so on.

For example if someone says "City", you could say "Paradise City - Guns N' Roses". (Remember to include artist as well.)
Next word starts with Y, for example Young, and the answer could be "I'm So Young - The Beach Boys".
Next word should start with G, continues like this.

2. Please search the word in songs section before asking. Because some words still doesn't exist in song titles.

3. İf the song title contains parentheses, the asked word must be before the parentheses.

4. The word asked is in English, but the song can be in a different language. The spelling of the word written in English must be the same in another language.

5. Avoid using words such as "And", "Of", "On", "İn", "An/A", "At" etc.

6. The synonyms of the asked word is not valid, for example if someone asks "Phone" don't answer the song contained "Telephone".
May be both of them are the same thing, but the contest is "Songs With The Word".
Also please don't add prefixes and suffixes while answering.

7. No double posts please. İf you write a message, please wait another person answers.
Or if you forget your questioned word, please add in fifteen minutes changing time.

8. İf you write an answer with another person at the same time, the first answer is valid. İf you want to be sure please refresh the page or push "F5" button before writing or if you answered the same question at the same time with other and your entry is down, please change your answer.
You have fifteen minutes for changing your entry at every forum topics.

9. Please don't forget to tag songs.

Have fun and enjoy.
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Olivia_Ka | 08:12
Terminal 2B - Raphael

* offtopic :
Ohhhh I found the French lyrics song hiding among the other choices for "Terminal".
So here it is!

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