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Help me figure out the mess

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Olivia_Ka | 03:50
I used to watch prime times on television, every Friday or Saturday evening.
There were 7 channels at the time and 20 more of them today.
The facts occured after the World Cup, season 1998-1999.

Part 1 - The first time that got remembered
A Saturday night between September and December 1998, after having watched a prime on the first channel, I zapped on the 7 (that was our local TV channel). I don't remember what time it was, either 10:45pm or 11pm, so I could watch the musical TV programme from the local TV channel.

Part 2 - The second time when everything sank
But the second time, it must have been a month later, I don't know what the local channel did. After having watched the first channel on that Saturday evening, I arrived during the commercial or a programme announcement, not during the musical programme. Patient that I was, I kept watching until it ended. Up, a programme started at 11:05pm, that was the re-run of a 15-minute daily interview with a guest, filmed at Part-Dieu commercial centre. I spent a bad quarter of hour. One (and only) commercial, then the channel stopped and the programmes ended at 11:25pm. Before turning the set off, I shouted "I wanna watch [the host of the musical programme]!" #allthisdonefornothing

Later, I would realise that the musical programme was aired between 10:45pm and 11pm on Saturdays, not later. Let's not accuse the host of the prime time from the first channel, because his prime reportedly ended late.

Who, either me or the TV channel, made a big blunder?
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Yours truly
tl;dr just picking an option lol
The local TV channel
Happens today as well Celine!

The more complex and computerized the channel selectors (Set top boxes) become, the more likely someone (not you Celine) will make a programming error in setting up the 1000's of channels and shows and movie choices. I've reported many that I've found to the cable company, they say its the Network's fault. So it might have been something done by a tired programmer back in 1998 trying to program channel on/off times in between cups of coffee (or wine or whatever they like there in France to keep them going at work).
roxcyn | 04:37
The local TV channel
Olivia_Ka | 08:55
Yours truly
Well... Jeff you're right. I thought ALL primes of the first channel with the same host ended at the same hour every time, and I was wrong. That is something I haven't been much aware of in November/December 1998, and I don't think the local TV channel changed the schedule that much in a few months. So I learned the lesson and did it right in 1999, by watching the musical programme of the local channel on Fridays (when there was no interesting prime, so that was at 11pm - not at 10:45pm like they did on Saturdays) and the prime of the first channel on Saturday evenings (9pm).

Practice! I don't think I had cable television or satellite. back in '98. I got it years later, more than 5 years ago. All I remember were 7 TV channels back in the day, and you can see some of them (minus the local TV channel that was number 7 at the time) at the top.
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