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How many vacation hours paid time should employees receive?

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roxcyn | 22:47
I think this question is very interesting as many countries give employees a lot of vacation time.

Please answer the question. Tell in the comments how many hours would be ideal, and if you think you should be allowed to roll over and/or get paid for your unused vacation hours.

Have fun.
Be nice.
Rox on!
121-160 hours per year4 (40.0 %)vote
201+ hours per year3 (30.0 %)vote
1-40 hours per year1 (10.0 %)vote
181-200 hours per year1 (10.0 %)vote
I really not care (Refuse to answer)1 (10.0 %)vote
81-120 hours per year0 (0.0 %)vote
Not applicable: I'm retired/a student/a minor.0 (0.0 %)vote
161-180 hours per year0 (0.0 %)vote
0 hours per year0 (0.0 %)vote
41-80 hours per year0 (0.0 %)vote
total votes: 10
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roxcyn | 22:51
201+ hours per year
Employers should allow for two months paid time off. If I did the math right that is 320 work hours.

Yes, I believe employers should allow you to bank your vacation time to save up for an amazing trip or if you get real ill. And yes, there should be an option to donate your time to a worker or sale it for a bonus check.
CarlJ | 18:55
201+ hours per year
This is basically what I get each year. I am at approx 5 weeks of vacation and in addition to that, i work a 4 on, 4 off rotating schedule, so i get a bit over half the year off. Great schedule for the most part
zjenn4 | 22:51
121-160 hours per year
I think 160 hours is a month of vacation time (based off a 40 hour work week). I feel 30 days (20 minus weekends) of paid vacation time is sufficient. Who really needs to take off more than that throughout the year?
Cheater138 | 23:14
181-200 hours per year
I currently get 100 hours a year and our max at 10 years+ with the company is 200. I think that's plenty. Enough for a few week long vacations or a couple of 2 week vacations and a few days left for miscellaneous days off.
121-160 hours per year
A solid month of vacation time is enough for me.

I'm not a huge fan of people taking longer than a 2 week vacation unless it's a special circumstance. It forces other people to pick up your work load, which is fine for a week or 2; but any more than that is a bit much. The type of job you're in factors into this too. In my case I usually have 40 emails waiting for me Monday morning if I take Friday off. A week would be insanity

Unlimited rolling over hours would be nice and a lot of company will pay you for unused vacation time if you leave or retire.
I really not care (Refuse to answer)
I'm choosing this option because of what it says. I just really not care.
Juliet86 | 17:35
201+ hours per year
I get 31 days now, so 248 hours, and that's pretty normal in Sweden, I think (I work for the government and we get good perks, so maybe I have a little more than average.) So I chose that because that's what I'm used to, and it feels like a good amount. I believe you can have up to 35 hours roll over. I think that's enough. Almost everyone takes the majority of their vacation in the summer, when it's less busy in a lot of jobs. (I guess the reason it gets less busy is because it's vacation time, so that's a bit circular.) Your boss has to approve your vacation request, so if there's too much to do at that time, they can tell you you have to take it at a different time. (So it won't be like Joe said, with people having to cover for you.)

I realise I spent most of this post just saying how it is in my country and my workplace, but I think it's pretty good here. I could live with a little less (or a little more ), and maybe it would be a good idea to be able to have your vacation time turned into money, and some companies probably do that, but some people are workaholics and I think it's probably healthy for them to be "forced" to take a break, and people might start to feel pressured into not taking as much vacation time. Everyone needs a break, and to be able to travel or just hang out with their families a bit.

Also, we get paid more when we're on vacation than when we're not, which is a strange system I don't quite understand.
kalsonberry | 17:41
121-160 hours per year
Starting a new job in August and I'll be getting 17 days vacation per year!
Juliet86 | 17:44
or if you get real ill.

The fact that you need vacation time for when you're sick is messed up, in my opinion. What do you do if you have a long term illness and your sick days/vacation days run out?
I know, I know, America isn't Sweden, I'm not gonna go into a welfare rant.
roxcyn | 04:00
Thanks, Lisa, for the long explanation. I love it. It varies on the job you have. We get to schedule our vacation with our website. It won't allow everyone to take time off at the same time - so that kind of controls the work load. If they pay out for our vacation I think it was 75% or so of the pay at my job (if you don't use it). They don't allow us to move vacation year to year which I think sucks. We don't get paid more if we take vacation time (however that would be advantageous if companies did as it would encourage workers to take a break).

I agree. I think people work too much and we deserve to have vacation time. It's nice to relax.

Again, it varies from job to job, there is a sick fund where workers can donate their time. Also, we have short time and long term insurance that will pay a percentage of pay if you are out sick (and have used all your sick/vacation time.). IIRC, it has to be more than 5 days back to back. You have to fill paperwork and such.

Congratulations, Kaleb!
Olivia_Ka | 05:41
1-40 hours per year
Well, just a small part is much better.
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