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well I guess I have a lil announcment of my own..

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fruity | 16:01
mm.. I'm not gonna be here for a while too. and I have a kinda cool reason for it too! well.. at least for the 3 first days of departure..
tomorrow, I, as long as the rest of the emergency hour's instructors in Israel, am going to Sderot, which is a place in the south, where they're being bombed with Kassam rockets. we're having an instruction operation, a mission, if you will (lol I've always wanted to say "if you will" haha). we instruct almost all of the residents of Sderot about how they should protect themselves from the bombing. and yes, we can be bombed too. coolness. anyways, we'll be sleeping there, and it's gonna last till Tuesday. then I'm coming back on Wednesday only for one day, since on Thursday I'm "leaving" again, as I start my week of guarding. since I have that "thing" with my daddy not being alive anymore and all, I should get special treatment, which means I'm gonna be there (there being my base) till Monday, and not throught the whole week. so basically I'm gonna be gone from Sunday to Tuesday and then from Thursday to Monday/Thursday.
try not to cry your heart out.
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vandy | 20:01
And that, everyone, is why you always check the dates on posts before you post something

Sorry Neta, I was gone all weekend camping, just saw this now.

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