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6000 and bye for a bit...

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purple_hippo | 14:00


Okay, so i don't know if any of you noticed, but i have really rushed this last thousand. The reason being, that i wanted to get to it before i have to go back to school (tomorrow).

When i go back to school then i probably wouldn't be able to come on here as much anyway, but- i have decided to take an official break from LSI for a while.
Why? Because it effects the way i feel too much, and there are things going on around me that need my full focus right now. I get upset pretty easily, and it just takes one little comment to totally ruin my mood- and right now i need to be strong for things that happen to be going on around me at home.
There are also things about this website that i don't like that become clearer and clearer everyday i come on.. and the more i come on the clearer they will become.

Basically (for the people to lazy to read that) then i need to detatch myself from the website and focus on reality for a bit.

I'm not sure when i'll come back, i'll probably only go for like a month or something, but there's a small chance that it could be longer. I'll still come on about once a week to check my messages and moderate my artists, but i won't be on the forum.

Anyhoo... 6000th post dedications...

Maria (buttercup89)- The sweetest girl with the prettiest name When you come online it brightens my day, you always have something interesting or funny to say that makes me laugh. As a friend i truly do love you, without you i wouldn't have had nearly as much fun on this website... plus you introduced me to Damien Rice I'll miss you.
Abbey/Abbean/Abster (abssheythatsme)- The momment i met you then i instantly warmed to you, you just have this bubbley abbeyness that is just truly fantastic . I'm so glad i met you and you make me laugh lots, you're a great friend. You're awesome.
Danny (danastasia)- You were one of the first people i met on here, and you were there for me. You didn't have to be, but you were- and that's what makes you so special. I know you've got alot of really horrible stuff going on in your life right now, but i know you'll get through it- just stay strong. Aside from that you are absoloutely hilarious.. for some reason your lame jokes make me laugh (yeah take pity ), but your very witty and it's no surprise your so damn popular.
Cricket (HotPieceofIce)- Psht, you're off at University getting an "education" which means we don't get to talk as much as we used to, which is really bad cos you're so much fun. You're bright, and vibrant, and cricket and i heart you. You brighten my day
Darwin (djskribble989)- another person lost to the perils of education *sigh*. Yeah i miss you, but you know that cos i send you a bizillion messages that must really annoy you You make me laugh so much, and yeah, you're hot.
Louise (NightHobbit)- over the last few months i've really gotten to know you- and you're a great person. Thank you for being there for me through stuff. You're very witty and intelligent, and you don't mind when i send you rambling messages about giraffes in the middle of the night
Vicky (C4L)- another person i've gotten to know over the holidays, yeah we've had good times. Tepot! lol. I'm proud to call you my friend, you and your bad typing will go down in history
Emi (lil minty)- Ignore anyone who says bad stuff about you, they're just jelous. You're a lovely person, sweet, funny and kind. If anyone says differently i shall.. i shall.. punch them! yeah!
Maria (xcr4zyx)- Hehe, you and your asparagus- a class act. You make me laugh so much, and last night even gave me a stick of asparagus! I'm so sorry Tony flew away, i feel your pain.
Michelle (little girl)- You were just so instantly fantastic to me, thank you. Sending me a weird message ahs to be one of the sweetest things anyones ever done for me and you put me in funniest posts! Your so kind and wonderful, everyone should know you, get better soon
Shira (Shira88)- Another person who seemed instantly great to me. You're very funny and your opinions are respected- you also write great short stories, that really deserve more comments then they get. I know your going through tough times now, but just stay strong *hearts*
Julie (sweet_J)- w00t! my dancing partner! you rock, sweet by name sweet by nature Don't go changing
Vikki (vikesh)- Psht, Brazilian?! You used to fill up my inbox all the time, but not so much lately- but yeah teachers hate us both, and you're really fun.
Katy (MizKit)- Mother Kitty your so wonderful and nice and funny *hearts* A great friend, we've had fun times and i guess i can finally unchain you from your computer
Alli (DeathByMonkeys)- haha you don't freak out when i do somethign weird or snog you lol. You're awesome Alli, simple as.
Kate (bite_me13)- I miss you Bah stupid computers, i hope when i come back you have too cos your quite possibly one of the nicest people on here.
Dorm (Rock71/TheDom)- Do the words Dorm party mean anything to you? fun times, fun times.

note how as the list goes down the amount of writing gets less and less.. it's nothing personal- it's just me being lazy.

Other special people

Meg (IrishMeg01)
Kristyn (bootay... i forgot it but you know who you are )
Nanki (Nanki_c)
Lexy (lilrocker81)
Slim (slim_gary)
Becky (speedway260)
Ignacio (Ignacio)
Ros (Ros)
Marine (punk_twin)
Chels (XxBlondiexX)
Sarah (princess Ceci)
Alex (Icefyre)
Shauna (shauna_me)
Arod (the A15)
DannyB (DannyB)

and i will have forgotten someone... feel free to shoot me.

I'm gonna be on for the rest of today on me Deehaz account, and then i'm gone for a bit.


* offtopic :
Now that, was one hell of alotta typing
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by_the_sea | 17:49
ahhh thanks to you minty_girl! (i has already forgetting your name.)

Maybe we can be palls of pen?
Deehaz | 17:49
It won't let me go on at the momment.. my computer is an idiot..
by_the_sea | 17:50
(and I am not having any msn. This is a type of horse, correct?)
Deehaz | 17:52
why yes yes it is.

*rides her msn*
by_the_sea | 17:55
does your raises many msn's? I am liking horsis.
lil_minty | 17:58
wow fun
*rides haz*
ok that was just wrong...
C4L | 18:03
haha *hides head in shame*
i meant congrats*

haz can i add you on msn?
Deehaz | 18:03
lol, sure, but i'm pretty quiet on it.

Emi, i really don't know what to say to that
C4L | 18:12
ok i added you.. im vixi_trixi@hotmail.com
purple_hippo | 20:09

C4L | 20:11
bye haz
danastasia | 20:13
We'll miss you
xcr4zyx | 21:16
I always miss these kind of things
congrads , thanks and ill miss your randomnessssss have fun in school hehe and yes come back!!!!
DaRkSiDe | 21:18
Bye, good luck with things, we'll miss you
ignacio | 21:18
Congrats...I'll miss you
Jez | 21:28
Take care and see you around Hazzy wazzy!

Enjoy school.
Awww Haz! I'm going to miss you so so so much! I hope you do well in school and I hope you come back SOON! You can always count on me to fill your inbox so always check! ~Abbean~
Maycen | 23:00
Good luck with everything, and congratulations on 6000!
DeathByMonkeys | 23:02
aww, Haz...I don't remember if I posted in here (probably not) but I love you muchly and will miss you! And your incredibly good snogging!
sweet_J_ | 23:04
Haz i will miss you! Hurry and come back so we can dance some more!
HotPieceOfIce | 16:50
HAZ!! Darlin!! Congrats on 6,000!! It took you much less time than mine did.

Each time I come here (for like 5 minutes here at the college) I look to see if you are online, I just saw this and got so sad!! You always brightened my day when I talked to you, thanks for the dedication it meant so much to me!!
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