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The dreaded thursday,... =(

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bebe144 | 12:31
On september 2nd 2004 *thursday* there is that stupid building that pretty much everyone has to go to through 1st grade and high school,.. and its school. =( Im going back tomorrow,... and im not very happy about it im wicked nervous and i really had alot of fun over the summer. I had alot of fun at letssingit.com over the summer (*and i signed up in may but didnt figure out what the forum was untill the summer*) and i really like this place,... i didnt make many friends here except for one or two,.. *mainly hanna (lovato)* so there for im technically im not gunna be missed here but anyways,..Ill miss everyone very much even though they dont know i probably know of you,..and i still will be on just not as much,.. goodbye summer! *and everyone here on LSI!!
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