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Search results not accounting for artist alias

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MCSMeister | 02:19
I recently discovered that with artists that have an AKA alias in the database, you can actually use the Move Song form to transfer songs to the alias, allowing the songs to correctly show up under the artist name they were released. I did this with The Miracles' map today to properly denote the releases from 1965-1972 that were released under Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, as the map was rather disorganized before. However, this has seemed to create a new problem - now, the songs under Smokey Robinson & The Miracles will not appear in search results if you try to search for them with the "Smokey Robinson" prefix.

Here's some sample queries with screenshots to illustrate the issue, using this song as an example:

Successful queries:
"the miracles i love you dear"
"miracles i love you dear"

Unsuccessful queries:
"smokey robinson i love you dear"
"smokey robinson miracles i love you dear"
"smokey robinson & the miracles i love you dear"

Note that this song appears in search results if I only type "miracles" as the artist name. Any variation that includes Smokey's name does not bring up the song.

This is a major searchability issue, because I can imagine many people trying to search for these Miracles songs under just Smokey's name, which was only further proven by Snap erroneously adding many Miracles songs to the map for Smokey's solo material (I've since cleaned those up, thankfully). And of course this doesn't just apply to this one case, as users will commonly search for songs by other artists under their former name, either because a) the particular song was released under the old name, or b) the user is not aware they go by another alias (maybe that artist was more famous under a previous name, for instance).
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roxcyn | 22:53
That's a big bug then!
Ray | 19:40
Thanks for reporting. Nice catch, that is a flaw in the system for sure. I updated the search system, now also-known-as references are included in the matching algorythm.

This matching works both ways, from former to current and from current to former. In other words:

- a former artist name will match songs and albums released under the current artist name
- the current artist name will match songs and albums released under a former artist name

Let me know if this fixed the issues you addressed.
MCSMeister | 21:04
Yup, looks good on my end! I retried all three of the "unsuccessful" queries I posted and they all work now. I also tested some search queries with other artists that have aliases and they've all worked so far, so this looks to be solved!

Glad to hear this works both ways, too - that's really how I would have expected it to work, anyway, so it's much more intuitive now.
Ray | 21:18
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