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Lyrics not showing up after submission

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MCSMeister | 18:51
There has seemed to be an issue with updating the state of lyrics on song pages since at least yesterday. Normally when this happens, it's just a brief issue with the cache and it updates within minutes, but since we're on day two of this, I figured it was worthy of a thread.

Basically, whenever I submit lyrics to a song that was previously in the "I don't know the lyrics" state, it still appears as if there were no lyrics submitted. Example - I created this song page last night, initially without the lyrics, then submitted them shortly after. While the lyrics do appear when I go to edit the song, the page is still showing as if no lyrics were submitted.

New submissions also don't seem to be appearing in search results currently. When I try to search for that song in the search bar, it doesn't show up.

Hopefully this is something that would have been automatically fixed in due time, but I wanted to play it safe and make a thread about it since no one else has yet.
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Ray | 21:00
There was a bug indeed. I installed an CMS update pack yesterday which crashed and took down the system that is responsible for the caching .

I fixed the bug, systems are live and everything should work fine again now.

Thanks for reporting! Always good to play it safe
roxcyn | 01:18
Is this why people were submitting changes in the queue and it showed as no changes were made?

Awesome guys. Ray, did you read the PM I sent? Thanks so much.
Ray | 13:07
Is this why people were submitting changes in the queue and it showed as no changes were made?

I don't think that is related. These "no changes" submissions happen so now and then. The system should not accept submissions without changes, but apparently, it does happen. I don't know where it goes wrong. In the new upcoming CMS I think this issue is history.

Thanks for thinking along
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