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Dicas legais do tio San lol (tips for future updates)

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brokenziinhu | 23:49
hey, hello, olá

so, I have some suggestions for site updates ^^

1. edit lock.

After a verification of the lyrics, there could be a way to limit the editing, as the song in question has already been verified by someone, and that someone attested that the lyrics are already at a high level, and thus not it's necessary to release future edits.

2. show the video image.

Lyrics pages that have a video linked to the track, the image of the video could appear so that the person visiting the page, play right there and not go to youtube, or the stream to listen to the song. Once the video image appears, it will be extremely easy to see that there is a way to play the music right there.

3. a second play option.

A music stream linked to the lyrics page would be very nice, and thus retain the visitor right there.

One of these days I'll show up again with more cool tips
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brokenziinhu | 23:53
sorry guys if there are many errors, my native language is portuguese and my english is intermediate
Ray | 11:40

First thanks for the suggestions!! Very helpfull, so always welcome. And nothing wrong with your english!

Ok, let me response to your interesting suggestions. A new content management system (CMS) is coming up. More about that here.

1. Edit lock

Good point. This option is available the new CMS. Data can be flagged as "verified". Verified data can not be edited. Each data (song name, lyrics, genre, etc.) can be flagged separately.

2. Show the video image

Also a good one. I'm familiar with this one. I removed the video image and replaced it with the YouTube logo because of performance issues that affected the page loading time. Presenting a the video image itself is indeed a more nice solution. That's on my list.

3. Second play option

I need more info in this. What do you mean with a "music stream"?

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