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Awful Week. Free Offers? Not Quite!

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Olivia_Ka | 23:03

I'm just against free promotional offers at the moment... I did a mistake yesterday morning and only noticed it afterwards tonight. And I'm not even used to ordering online.

Yesterday at midday or 1am, I had a free offer on a photo composition site, I was surprised not to see them ask for the promo code (thinking the site was asking for the promo code only at payout) and ended up paying almost 20 € for what I thought was a free gift. I felt very, very ashamed because I've been told not to use my credit card on any site, but I'm sure this site is very very reliable because I've used it for a free promo 2 years ago (it worked well), and... It respects private data. And cause of that I could not sleep.

I've only realised, after making the same photo composition (same photos, but without the effects), well... Silly me, why didn't I notice it? I had made a deep mistake the day before with the paid one... I've only noticed on the top right corner the line use the promotional code (that's why I thought they didn't ask me for it yesterday at midday) and finally used it for the free order. I felt so ashamed to have 2 orders that have been done... And after it's paid, I cannot see how I've made my compositions on this site until the delivery arrives. Oh dear.

So I have 2 deliveries on the go for next week. One that's been paid and the other that's free.

Also, I thought fast food orders had free gifts on the site, but after I made a click and collect from the site, but as I reached the drive thru, I've been told this offer is only available if I order through the app, not through the website.

Well this isn't a very good week I've spent, oh no no. That's been a tough week I've spent. My referent retiring next January, my dad in hospital for the second time this month because of his bladder bleeding (after one week at home), then those promotional orders that either need a app instead of the site or have to pay for it if I don't use the free code, and... That Swedish rapper that got shot but I don't think he died.

It's just too much and I feel ashamed not to have noticed the "promotional code" line yesterday at midday. Dad should have been back from hospital yesterday too, though he spent 10 das early this month (October 1 to 11) because of urinary surgery. At least I have him on the phone and he felt sorry not to have celebrated my Saint Day the day before yesterday.

Add to this the fact that my mum needs to show a QR code every time she visits my dad in hospital - and the app for it doesn't work well so she uses a QR code on paper. And the other problem is because he isn't at home, she spends hours on her phone and I cannot talk to her.

Doggone shame, sheety week. That's terrible, I need to take a break right now, right now.
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Olivia_Ka | 09:42
Making an update just to post my family's reactions. And I'm such in a better mood this Saturday morning.

- About my referent's retirement : dad had told me last Monday that he also regretted the dentist whom he had for 20 years or so, and whom I have been to, too as a teen.

- About my dad in hospital ; must be released today in the early afternoon.

- About the mistake I've made with those 2 online orders yesterday, one payable and the other free : had my dad on the phone this morning and he told me I don't have to blame myself for that, and mum adding that anyone learns from mistakes - having some 20 € less on my bank account wouldn't change a thing anyway, I can buy online sometimes. That's a thing I've known of since I was 17. She sometimes shops online for orders (mainly books and clothes - even long before COVID struck last year), from sites not from apps, and she did mistakes too at the beginning - she hasn't repeated those since and became used to virtual credit cards and/or vouchers on the aforementioned sites. (Even though she does buy online against her will, knowing the employees from those delivery sites are not treated well.) So I felt less and less shame as I got told all that.

- And what more? A mobile phone is mainly used to phone at first. But listening to the radio or taking pics with it can be nice too, I use mine for both. Now both my parents' new mobile phones have apps for social networks, news and weather, checking the mail etc. They have a tablet computer too but use it either for games or watching TV when the TV set is used by another person. (Pretty sure they both took time to make their phones work properly and see how the apps are made for. They didn't need my help for that.)

Anyway, I must be better in words (either for lyrics, poetry or reviewing) than in composition (either for music, painting or a type of pizza).
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