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Juliet86 | 19:52
Sad news today. Our beloved Phil (andro) passed away on Saturday. Some of you may have seen on Facebook already, Daniel posted a few hours ago. He hadn't been around here for a long time, but he used to be an integral part of this forum. A kind, helpful, funny person, who will be missed.

I don't know many details of his illness, but he didn't have to suffer very long and he kept his spirits up until the end.

Goodbye, Phil. Rest in peace.
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Rest in peace Phil
Cheater138 | 21:46
Strange, I don't see Daniel's post on Facebook. Very sad news. RIP Phil.

Slightly offtopic: as far as the forum awards go, I think we decided to keep the Andro award, but definitely think it should be kept in his memory now.
Joeyy | 22:44
Agreed, Sarah. As inevitable as death is for all of us, I always struggle with what to say when it happens. I've been trying to think of what to say here for a while; nothing I come up with sounds good enough.

I was shocked to see Daniel's post and surprised at how saddened I felt (feel) in knowing Phil's life was taken from him so early and in thinking about how much Daniel and others will hurt for that loss.

I think Phil left the forum not long after I started posting, so we were never very close, but I remember his spirit and I remember how affectionately Daniel always spoke of him, and we were part of the same community, which means something to me.

I'm very glad he didn't suffer for long and from what Daniel said it sounds like he remained strong until the end, which is more admirable than I can put into words.

Rest in peace, Phil.
megdoll187 | 01:49
This breaks my heart
He was such an amazing person and helped me so much when I was new and still an active poster. I wish more of the recent members got to know him.

R.I.P. Phil <3
roxcyn | 03:04
As a newbie, I didn't know him. We had someone die that was the moderator on another forum years back. It's never easy, and I'm sorry that LSI lost a good man. Rest in heaven, Phil.
indiechick_ | 13:03
RIP Phil. he was a big part of the forum back in the days, and he'll be missed.
MCSMeister | 02:10
Like Roxcyn, he was way before my time, but still my condolences go out to his family. Rest in peace.
Olivia_Ka | 02:46
I just can't believe it. But I can already see Phil dancing on a cloud, up in the skies. I feel so sorry for this loss. I'm sure he was such an important member while I was working there mostly as an artist mod (2004 to 2007), not when I was an active forumer.
Like what Scott and Nicolas said.. May he rest in peace.
Schatzi | 03:44
Oh gosh, I can't believe I missed this the other day. He was always so kind & helpful. Rest in peace.
zjenn4 | 04:15
This makes me really sad (as Sarah mentioned, I rarely see Daniel's posts in my facebook feed). Phil was basically one of the first people to welcome me to the forum when I was first posting here. We had many interesting conversations too.
I signed up in 2003. I'm not sure when Phil left but the early years of LSI are especially memorable to me. For those who don't remember, LSI used to be a booming madhouse and Phil did a great job running it. He was also an especially interesting character amidst a slew of other interesting regulars. Im sad my assumption upon seeing the thread title was right. I hope if friends or family, online or IRL, see this thread, they get some sort of comfort or satisfaction from seeing another small sliver of the world that he touched in some way. RIP
fishmunky | 11:08
What an absolute bummer, Phil was an absolute treasure when he was here, From being the unofficial welcome committee on the forum, to running the chat when it was implemented here. He provided a lot of great conversation and guidance to this place.

I understand that a lot of people faded away from this place eventually. He was missed when he left here, and I'm certain he'll be missed to those who knew him better.
Ray | 20:32
I just read this sad sad news. From back in the days I remember Phil as a person who was always willing to help a hand when and where needed on LSI, and always with the same friendliness.

You left us again, this time for good.
You'll be remembered on LSI.

My condolences to the family and friends.
Lyrics_Lover_11 | 02:02
Haven't been on for a while... Very heartbroken to read this. I haven't talked to Phil in many years, but I have very fond memories of him. I grew up on LSI and he always gave me good advice and someone to talk to when I was going through hard times.

Rest easy
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