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Peteycd123 | 03:19
Hi all. Need help finding a song I heard today. The lyrics were somethjng like "keep on coming back", "your love", or "another lover". Medium tempo. Guy singing it. I did rock genre. Most likely an artist from the 2000s. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
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Off topic: Of course this is EXACTLY what I've been whining about..... There is no way to "hear"/"see" the Keep Coming Back song on this site anymore as most of the You Tube Videos that provide the tunes to go with the words are listed as: "No video available for this song" whether they were removed by You Tube or SNAP or by copyright reasons etc.....

On Topic: I have in my memory a song with ONE of the three lyrics exactly, but without hearing the music I can't figure out if its my mishearing the lyrics like I normally do and if its the song or not that you found roxcyn!

Even checking in on Stevie Wonder's Part-Time Lover Says the same error message for the You Tube so I can't tell if its the right song and he misheard the lyrics or not!
roxcyn | 11:27
I know what you mean, Practice. Those songs seem to have the videos on them now. Or you have to do the playlist trick.
Or someone behind the scenes took the proper action to fix these two songs....but with how many broken songs out of the total of 1.5 million lyrics here?

Its going to take a "Superman" with super speed working day and night for years to manually go through and fix all of the songs that have dropped out their videos.

Oh as long as I'm writing, I'm thinking perhaps I should have made this into a new topic? Unless no one else notices..... Some of the video-less items on my "Playlist" actually say "no video available"

But others on my "Playlist" say nothing to warn me, and they don't have the video, even though they have the same message with unhappy square face in center where You Tube should appear with the song for us to listen to (and see if the lyrics match the song by the way---how are we going to do it without a "song" to listen to?)

There is a reason for all of this.........If you have a Playlist you've been using for years with 5, 10, 15, 20! songs on it, as soon as ONE song says "no video available" then surprise! The Playlist STOPS PLAYING and you are left with silence until you "skip" manually over that one of many missing songs...

Its just a few clicks, but annoying to have clicks in the middle of a Playlist, where that function used to work so perfectly.

Unless I'm not using the Playlist properly, or its just my playlist using Google Chrome that is acting up this way? I have not done the solid research to answer these points which is holding me back from writing a more detailed posting here.....

Or, saying it too many times,

I might write a separate topic on this, just posting this initially once, here in this thread, to see if anyone agrees with this view before I bring it up as a topic for "support" since fixing it can be quite a coding nightmare with all the different reasons for "no video available" happening today.
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