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SilvioRM | 11:12
Silvio Anselmo Quezada, artistically known as Silvio RM, is a rapper, artist, musician and composer, born on April 21, 1996.

He is currently making his way in the music market with each of his singles ''Santa Puta", "Adicta a mí" and his most recent song "Mi Nena", among other singles with some new talents from the same locality, achievements that It is awarded on its own merit, being this artist who represents himself, since he has never signed or belonged to a multinational or label.


He was born in the Boca Chica Municipality, belonging to the Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic. He completed his secondary studies at the Liceo Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, where he obtained his bachelor's degree, to later venture into and complete a Bachelor's degree in Education, Mention in Social Sciences at the University of the Caribbean (UNICARIBE). From a very young age he was interested in music, coming to stand out for playing the piano and the guitar, which led him to discover the world of freestyle at the age of fourteen.

Silvio RM, stood out in his sector as one of the best composers and performers of romantic music and conscientious rap, causing the public that follows these styles to sympathize with him, making him better known to the municipality and positioning himself as one of the of the favourites. Despite being of lower middle class origin, he managed to stand out among the other exponents, his charisma and his true love for music has made the public connect with him, thus managing to continue growing in his guild.
Making use of his digital knowledge, he has managed to penetrate several of the well-known digital platforms, making a hundred people aware of his career and especially his musical themes. Having this also knowledge as a graphic designer, managing to commit himself more to his career, guiding him to design some of the digital covers that adorn some of his most successful songs.


After completing his university studies, he has decided to reintegrate into urban music with fresh ideas, deciding to focus on "the music of the moment that is El Dembow", a musical genre that is currently at the peak of success in the Dominican Republic, but without forget his roots in Hip Hop, R&B and Trap, musical genres that fill him with passion when performing or composing.


Currently, the artist is continuously working to release new albums to his fans, this year the artist plans to release at least 3 music videos, several tracklists, to continue his music career.
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