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Welcome New Artist Moderators!

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Congratulations on your new position in Artist Moderating! With this new position you hold a responsibilty in making sure the items for that artist are all correct. You will take in submissions of new or corrected lyrics, add albums, delete items that don't belong, or you can even correct the songs yourself. Whether its one artist or 20, rap or rock, the people of letssingit are counting on you!

Artist Moderating isn't as easy as it sounds, especially with more than one artist. Believe me, I have at least 25 artists to moderate

But I follow some tips i created my self and its not so hard at all! Here are some tips i have compiled to make Artist Moderating an easier job

1. Delete Duplicated Songs
By deleting duplicated songs, it saves space so it doesn't clutter up, and there' isn't so much scrolling. Then when people are searching it will be much easier

2.Take Time To Name Songs Correctly
Sometimes people put the songname and the artist as a title Ex. Wrong Way By Sublime. It would be much easier if you took the "by Sublime" part off now woudn't it? Also take time to Capitalize and correctly spell words.Some songs have words spelled wrong on purpose. Spell it exactly like it is on the track listing. If it has lowercase and highcase letters in different orders, do it in that order.

3.Do Albums First...
If you recieve an artist with little or none of their albums added. That should be the first thing you should do. To do this
1.Go to "Album Menu" on your new moderator tool bar
2.Click "Add Album

To remove an album and all its contents
1.Go to "Album Menu"
2.Click on "remove" next to the album you wish to delete

To edit tracks on an album
1.Go to "Album Menu"
2.Click on "Edit" next to the album you wish to edit

It is also important that you add the album year to the album, as they will be in order and much easier to find

4....Then Add Songs!
To add a song

1.Go to "Add Song" on your toolbar
2.Fill in the name of the song
3.If you got this song by the messaging system
add the name and email of the sender if possible

If it is a member of LSI add the username of the person on the "Name" blank

4.Fill in the lyrics of the song

Simple as that!

5. Take Submissions
When people enter submissions please be courteous to email them back. Just to be sure.
If they're corrections are incorrect,for the wrong artist, etc. it's your responsibility to let them know otherwise!

Once again welcome to the Wonderful world of Artist Moderating, and remember the people of letssingit.com are counting on YOU!

Good Luck!
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Hey yall. I just became a moderator for an artist and i really need help!! Can someone message me and help please? Thanks.
Oh, i see. I just read PinkFloyd's post. Thanks for that.
Maybe you'll call me stupid for this question :

I became an artist moderator 5 minutes ago , and I donno what are the steps to add a new lyrics for the artist ?

Please guys , I need clear steps because I'm new at this!
i became an artist mod a few days ago, but still cant work out how to add the lyrics... in the original post it said something bout a moderators toolbar or something... i cant find it
help anybodies?
JewUnit | 04:17
Ray.. hasnt... added.. it... in.. yet..
Oryx | 14:47
I became a moderator for Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) for like fifteen minutes ago. It's really fun to be in charge for the "Buffy"section, but I have a little problem ... My artist is only called Buffy, not Buffy - The Vampire Slayer, which is correct, but "my" Buffy was the first one and it has much more songs than the other Buffy. So, can I do anything about this?
crazygurl_1 | 03:05
[b]this helped me a lot thanks
i just need to know how im supposed to moderate an artist because i dont know how and i am moderating Christina Milian if anyone can help please pm on here or email me at parent_pain@msn.com

thnx and if you cant help me just tell me
Thrinduil | 15:51
I recently changed my acc to a new one, and now I find out that you have to be a member for four month(!) before you can moderate an artist... That's a whole lot of time.. I would like to moderate, well, now.
I tried looking for some help in the other threads, but I couldn't find anything. How do I delete a duplicate song? I looked for a link/button whatever you wanna call it, but I couldn't find anything. Someone please let me know.. even though It's probably there and I am just blind lol, thanks.
marbie | 08:01
thank you so much for the info!
BlackRia | 09:22
Hello, I'm a new artist moderator...can u plz help me? U know, there's a new thing in the lyrics in the song, it's newly added. It says you can put a video there, just above the song lyrics...how do I place the video there? I tried putting the 'Embed' thing (param name="movie" ), etc..., but it didn't work. I put the URL but it also couldn't work. Can you guys help me? How do I place the video there? Thanks...
Peacefreak | 23:43
To the video question, you need a youtube account to be able to put videos on there as far as i know, and i got a youtube account to try to do that, but it's confusing me...so when i figure it out i'll let you know...and for everyone else, when your looking for how to do something just look over the part on the right side of the page, there should be a section called "Moderator tools" and it gives you a few options, and if you don't see the option you need just keep clicking on the things you want to work with...and you should probably scan through what other people have said on here b/c i saw a few duplicated questions that had been answered on a different page. and i know the 4 month thing sucks, i didn't know about it until i made my new account to try to moderate with, so i ended up useing my older one until the 4 months were up...just be patient and hope the artist you want to moderate doesn't get taken...and make sure you spell the name correctly otherwise you might be looking and the wrong one((did that once))
TheAnnoyance | 23:54
For help adding Video's to Lyrics, Click Here
BlackRia | 08:18
Aah, thanks, got it...
Silverswan75 | 19:28
How do I become an artist moderator? I tried to reply to the "Artist Moderators" thread, but it said the topic is closed.
Pandora | 19:35
you find an artist without a moderator and click the link to moderate them.

Silverswan75 | 19:11
What if I want to add an artist who isn't on here? I clicked on Add Artist but the verification code wouldn't show.
rebzangel | 18:36
I was wondering if I could get the "how to's" sent to me.
valdez | 22:05
Well done, Darwin !!!
Olivia_Ka | 15:47
Whoever added Debby, Delta & Roxette to my artist list may have notified me first. I wonder how I got them, I had 24 artists last week and now I have 27 of them. I didn't ask to moderate them - and I'm not ready to remove them from my list, because there should be work to do. Must have been Equines because he has been the previous mod. Or is it one of the staff who wants me to mod them? BTW, I don't use the "transfer to another mod" button when I'm an artist mod (I only use the "unmod" button), but I use the "transfer to another artist" button with songs.

It should be a good idea, when a moderator transfers an artist to another mod, a small PM saying "you are now the moderator of [*] transferred to you by [*]". Yes, a small PM, just like signing in as an artist mod.
Olivia_Ka | 19:10
Well I still wonder how I got Delta, Debby and Roxette in my artist map. Zendaya and Tyler James Williams have been added to - without any warning.

One thing you should stop : the private message flashing when there are "new items in moderator queue" - it doesn't mean anything, anymore.
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