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JDolla | 00:40
Now that I have your attention, I need some help finding a song. It's metal (closer to groove metal if you're a subgenere type) and semi recent, found it looking up artists in a Revolver magazine in mid to late 2019. Don't remember the name of the band, but the song title is "Hatchet" or something similar.

Lyrics are a little hard to understand, but best recollection the chorus goes:

"Sun goes down on
Marble temples (templates, tent poles, something with a T and 2 sylables)
Tears something something
Some thiiingg somethinggggggg"

The words "too yound to die (lie) alone" are in the verse/prechorus

I know that's super helpful. If someone can help me find it I would be forever in their debt.
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Just copying here in case you went directly to your thread Jeremy:

Sarah tried to find your song.

I tried too Jeremy but didn't want to say so for worry that others might not try.

Did you try any of those Google app/SoundHound/Shazam etc apps that claim to do this if you can hum/whistle/speak the words of the song? [Google app is the new phone one they keep advertising can "find me this song"].

There is no tune for us to try tracing. Just adding it in in case you got more to help us find it---I know you probably gave us all you have so its not much to at least ask....

If you can wait until I physically can get back to my music resource center.. I'm certain they subscribed to Revolver magazine and I can look up in in those issues from mid 2019 and see what I come up with.
fishmunky | 13:59
The only 2 I found close were bury the hatchet by our last night and hatchet by as we ascend but the lyrics don't really match
JDolla | 21:19
I want to say the band had a 1-word name.

Huge Our Last Night fan recently though, so points for that.
roxcyn | 23:38
Could it be David Guetta & Showtek - Sun Goes Down?
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