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Ray | 17:18
Hey guys, the LetsSingIt Forum got a new layout. 2020 design, new functionalities, easier navigation, etc, etc. I hope you like it.

Comments, suggestions, bugs, let me know here.
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1. So Active topics page exists no more? My bookmarked links from today 5 February 2020, no longer work!

2. Oh and if you're done with the new design phase......
please consider putting back the handy, dandy, convenient, "last comment" blue link?
Then I could check out ALL of the topics that are now on the "trending" list to see if I want to view or respond to anything recently posted, WITHOUT HAVING TO CLICK ON EACH THREAD, and WAIT for it to LOAD, and then COME BACK to the Trending or old Active Topics page....

Does that make sense for anyone else noticing its missing? Or again, am I the only user of that convenient cheat to quickly scan a whole bunch of postings to pick the one I'll actually go into.... I miss the mini-center page text box with "last comment" displayed in it.

I hope I explained what it was, I did it so often I don't know if I took any screenshots of it in action, but I'm certain when you moved the colored boxes from the far right over to the left all together
you had to erase that feature to give more room!
If you're stumped where to put it, I have an idea or two to share,
now I see your ,,,,,...
*suspenseful music* <<< its a music site! can't I get words to play the music?
"master plan" for 2020 in its full glorious beauty!
Ray | 17:54
please consider putting back the handy, dandy, convenient, "last comment" blue link

Last comments is back... it got promoted to be the Forum Frontpage


Actually, it was never gone. You only saw a glimps of the new design. Welcome to the matrix.
Hey Ray!

I'm not sure if it's just me, but every time I click "trending" I get this:

Your request could not be completed, because there was a problem with the database. Please report this to the webmaster.

I like this design though!
Ray | 18:14
I think I got it fixed Jeff, retry please
Sorry Ray, still having the same message appear.
Ray | 18:32
A "fix"-fix is in please, better now?
There it is! Haha, sorry about that Ray! Thanks for the quick fix fix!
Ray | 18:35
No problem, I messed up It's upgrade happy hour.

The update is almost completed. Until then you may experience some buggyness
Happens to the best of us!

Will report back here if there are any other bugs that need squashing. Until then, fantastic work as usual, Ray!
roxcyn | 03:59
I don't see the "last comment" as Practice said. Is that one of the fixes you're doing?
Its gone Scott.

Its all been consolidated into the

promoted to be the Forum Frontpage https://forum.letssingit.com/

My preference (not everyone's I assume) is that "last comment" be a link we can click IF we want to see the last comment in any topic, its our choice...which topic!

For the 2020 new design is either we see ALL the postings that are active on the "Trending Topics" page
we go back to the very first page when you enter the "Forum" part of the site...to read all of the last postings.

[I had stopped using the first page of the Forum topics---did not bookmark or save it, as it was so convenient (Ray--read the word "lazy" instead) for me to simply click on those single topics I'd want to see what someone wrote as the very last comment--and if I want to respond to that.]
From the "Randomness" side of the discussion.....

Yes there are changes! Some for the better...

1. I see the row of boxes is gone too from the "Active topics" [Yes I know its called "trending topics" page now]...but Ray set up the link at the top to automatically go to the very last page, no matter what.

Well... That means I can't choose to go to a earlier page until I visit the Forum discussion thread, and choose the new method of boxes that we can choose how to navigate easier!
Guess we got a benefit of the new method of navigation on the topic, is that we get a streamlined "trending topics" page.

But....I miss being able to choose the "page before" instantly box number especially when I've been away a day or so and I know that the LAST page is not what I want to read, but the page before to catch up...

2. Have not yet tried a topic that Snap ended... I assume the link will go automatically to end page where Snap says: "This topic is ended as its reached 5,001 posts and 200 pages" or whatever he says...
As long as I can then navigate back to page 199 to see the last postings its ok.....but don't know why it had to go away....

3. Is there some ad space or something important coming with all this blank new space on the right that is unused?


Maybe not having mobile devices, its shortening the screen by clustering everything to the left side, for mobile phone users so they don't have to scroll all the way to the right making for a more nimble site design and surfing experience.

4. Was I right Ray? ^
roxcyn | 08:39
Nope the comments tab is blank.
Ray | 10:00
Nope the comments tab is blank


Practice, I'm not sure if the comments pages didn't work for you either. Before talking about the removed "comment" option, I want to make sure if you've checked out the new (working) comments page
Thanks Ray!

1. Comments tab always worked for me at least (using Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.

2. "Fixed" by Ray! Yay!

3. NOW its "hesitates" for 1-2 seconds before displaying the contents of the tab on a page....Just letting you know from out here in the field in case you want to cut and paste this out as a reminder note whenever you're tinkering in that area of code again, you might streamline whatever is going on...No other page at the moment [I tried whole rows at bottom of each type of page] has this problem!!

But hey! For now, if it works it works!

Sorry for red face--I hate using that unhappy smiley
To be honest with you---Beautiful coordinated designs on the new pages
BUT---I still miss the easy to click "last comment" link directly on the old "Active Topics" Now the "Trending Topics" page----There really is no harm for us having "two" ways to get to the same page? My Apple devices always provide at least 3 ways to get to the same menu so in case we forget one of them, two others are available....
Seems like "we" can design it to enhance your left-most concentrated menu in a helpful way...if you want more details I'll try to code or make a dummy mockup to explain it better!
New post to be clear when I'm reporting some new problem like in #3 item "hesitation" above:

I know when you click on something like [Show 25 to 50] It does the nice bubbles in a circle "wait please" while it fetches the information.....no no--the "hesitation" I see above has no waiting or processing Gif to display---or words,
Its just sits there for a full second or two, then it "hiccups" or "blinks" whatever term you like me to use...its unlike
the other bugs...then it displays the page.

Maybe its just too short to show the waiting image? And it does this instead?

* * *

Clicking and exploring site for more "Easter Egg" improvements to discover:
On "Most Popular Songs" page...I noticed cleaner symbols and larger numbers...but at sacrifice of smaller images....just exploring!
Don't want to monopolize this thread:
Just reporting a positive improvement:

Clicking on "Comments" brings up the nice bubbles in a circle "wait please" symbol for a few seconds now before displaying the results....

Ray did it! Found the cure for "hiccups!" on the site! Go ahead! Patent it!
Ray | 17:45
Thanks Practice forthe feedbacks, always of great help!

About the "show last comment" option that has been removed from the active (now "treding topics"); I actually never liked this option since it only presented the last comment in a topic, so you could easily miss comments if you used this option to see what's new.

The way to go is have a functionality that allows you to show all last comments, and that's how the "comments" page was born. This page shows all comments and directs you to the topic in which a comment was made.

And did you see the new auto-sync option? You'll see an alert on this comments page when there is a new comment. Page refreshing isn't needed anymore.

I hope this answered your question
You're welcome Ray!

You're doing all the heavy lifting here... examining the usage records and designing new ideas to improve the site and coding each one, testing and beta testing and then activating, and sometimes, correcting the new changes so....

Yes questions answered....

But brings up a new one (sorry)

I have noticed before the major upgrade --that the times of the postings were being auto-updated without refreshing the page! Great!

And did you see the new auto-sync option? You'll see an alert on this comments page when there is a new comment. Page refreshing isn't needed anymore.

I checked in "Settings" and I don't see a button to turn on/off this option---

Have to ask:
Unless I'm referring the one and the same item in my paragraphs above in this post,

Do alerts appear in our "Notifications" list if I turn on that option?

I haven't found the hidden option button so I don't get notifications if (for example) there was a new comment in this thread.... I was searching and searching for something else and happened upon your comment by accident 17 hours ago on the "comments" page---I'll use it more often and become used to it instead of "last comments" link I lazily used before.
Ray | 15:47
I checked in "Settings" and I don't see a button to turn on/off this option

This is not a settings, it's a functionality that belongs to the page. Give yourself a moment to get familiar with the option. Simply open the comments page and keep it open without reloading it and check a shirt while later. When a new comment is made in the forum it will inform you by present a button on top of the list.

If you know how it works, it probably answers all your questions
Ok! Like magic! Blue bar with posting from Juliet86 as the demonstration.

[I know you're not changing anything...but if you can retain, just in back of your busy mind if others complain..
,..maybe we can have both methods? its just making the link "blue" on the line where it still says the short line: "Last comment by Practice", so adding it should not disrupt your ideas of the page...there are only three links on your new design per entry....this makes "four"...not a biggie unless behind the scenes the coding becomes too many nested shells (see I know what I'm asking you to do) to keep track of or debug in the future design changes]

Only thing I don't like about Apple is they have so many hidden commands like this.... where does a new member to the site even know to "keep the comments page open" so the hidden functionality has time to activate?

I bet (other than those who read our discussion today, which is why I do these things over the weekend, so more people have free time to consult the site and maybe read any new changes)...I just bet that most didn't even know that function occurred as if they are like me, I just clicked on "comments" went down from top of page until I hit the blue "show 25 to 50" and clicked on that before leaving the page using one of the page/thread links....

So it was my fault, I never stayed on the comments page long enough to see it work!

Its now my new "go to page!"

But without this hidden, secret, information...how do others find out about these things?


Lucky break?

Suggestion???? maybe a little "i" in a box by top of each page with hidden functions, clicking on that little tiny "i" opens a pop up that would inform others new to this that :
"If you keep this page open, you will be in the know about the latest postings to the Forum!"

Just friendly suggestion if hidden functionality is what is going on throughout this site now.....

One more thing.....I always make a joke about this....in person to people when they instruct me to swipe up to get to "home screen" and swipe down to do a search ...and swipe right to show the dashboard, etc on Apple products....

I'll pretend to sneeze near the Apple device, and say:
...Oh my! I didn't know! That just activated the "factory settings reset"
---maybe you have to be there to laugh...but everyone I do it to laughs a lot.
Ray | 20:24
But without this hidden, secret, information...how do others find out about these things?

It's not a life-changing functionality, the site is full with these minor assistance functionalities. It's not doable to explain these all. Also, we have a help section, which is probably a better spot to describe stuff on the site.

Anyhow, I guess regular users will find them sooner or later by themselves. Life is full of surprises
Congratulations on the expanded size of the thread "skin" photos for our Profile's "comments" section--
I tend to see the visual images faster than searching the exact word titles, so its helpful to me!

Keep on going!
Small bug...maybe it goes away by itself? I waited to see from the daily "down time" of the site when you fix things, if that is repaired....answer is

On the new "comments" page listing.
If you like what someone said and try to get back to the thread they posted in from the comments list using the blue link posted there i.e. Randomness #190 for example:
you get...,,.505! Page not found---and the note to contact Ray about it.

It does not always happen, but lets call it over 65% of the time.
Going back one page and clicking on same exact link again takes you to the correct thread right away, so its not a major problem---yet!

Good luck Ray!

* * *
No screen shot...but I did copy and paste one of them below so you know its not 505 or 404 it says "Page not found" in white letters title row without a number!

The page "https://forum.letssingit.com/topic/624377/just-three-words-8/5931486#5931486" you requested cannot be found. Maybe the page has been removed or the link you followed is broken.
Why not try the following:
Check the address you used for any mistakes and try again
Enter a term into our search field to find what you're looking for
Use the site's navigation bar to find something even more amazing than what you were originally looking for
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