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oops. please fix

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music_junkie | 20:02
hi need to cancel an edit request now sitting in mod review queue for a song, Vitamin String Quartet feat. Death Cab For Cutie - A Movie Script Ending.

i didn't realize, its a cover of this song by a classical string quartet, not performed by death cab at all. i signed up to mod the vitamin string quartet now i just need to remove death cab as an artist on this track...

but can't do that til the song is not pending in the review queue anymore.. can a supermod fix & cancel my merge request, or does Ray have to handle?

sorry for the mixup!
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robinsvy | 04:39
Did this ever get solved?

Since starting with LSI, I have noticed a fair number of review items that are either totally absurd or without any content. Some are obviously misguided guests and others seem honest mistakes. Well, while working late night, recently, I, myself fell victim to the "honest mistake" in adding an artist as a featured artist to their own song. A quarter-second after clicking enter and seeing the "your edit has been submitted to review' box, ugh, I knew that was an error and was not to be sent to the queue. Being too tired to search for an unsatisfying solution I left it.

In future, is this where I place a message in the forum to get it removed so that other's review time is not wasted? What is the procedure?

robinsvy | 03:27
I now have a list of helpful Super Artist Moderators right in front of me for next time - solved.
roxcyn | 03:24
Hi! No, we can't override the queue option. We can flag for Ray to remove the request, but probably would be easier to have it process through the queue and then make the corrections.

As for the fake corrections, I'm not sure how they get pass Snap. As for the accidental changes, there's not an override for that. Just have to be careful.
robinsvy | 04:06
Okay. Understood. Thanks!
kalsonberry | 06:50
* offtopic :
Hi music_junkie! Just saying hello because we have really similar taste in music.
Jimmy Eat World's my favorite band, and I'm looking forward to listening to the new death cab album that came out today.
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