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Ray | 20:15
A mini update on the site, but this one is that useful that I'll put this on in a topic.

When editing tracklists of albums, the system now recognizes the "[Bonus Track]" tag. When a track is a bonus track, add on the end of the trackname (separated by a blank space) the tag "[Bonus Track]".

Doing this before, it led to unwanted results, since the tag became part of title. It gave problems linking the track to the right song or we would end up with duplicate songs. Moderators worked around this problem by leaving the tag out and seprately enter the bonus track info in the "about" field. This about field was originally meant for news articles, not for miscellananious info like "bonus track" details.

But a workaround is not needed anymore. By using this tag, the system is now able to use the tag in relation to the tracklist and leaves it out on the songname. The tag is also not used in the LSI search (think of the matcher).

Just expermiment a but, that probably gives more clearance than my post
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MCSMeister | 22:28
Thanks again Ray! I could see this being very useful. Indeed, specifying which songs were bonus tracks in the About section was probably not what you intended that section to be used for. Even nicer to see that the database doesn't actually recognize the tag as a part of the title. This was long-needed IMO and very nice to see

That said, there's still many albums out there that would need the bonus tracks to be converted into this method, so I can't see it being widespread overnight. Regardless, I'll use the tags when creating albums in the future!
racketeer | 01:14
I was glad to venture out of misinformation because I almost totally re tired from my post as moderator for not being up on substance insofar as lyrics go.
This is one small but real way to understand lyrics, even just via topic on one "bonus track".
music_junkie | 12:39
agree this was much needed

i have been adding additional bonus tracks without the words BONUS TRACK in the album track list just to ensure the song is connected to a parent album.

what frustrates me is when artists release an album in many countries or as special promos - like Target/iTunes etc - with slight track list variations and those bonus tracks appear...

so do we re-enter the album (creating dups in artist album list) with that bonus track variation, or do we just add the extra tracks to the original album and explain the bonus track details in the song level ABOUT form?
Ray | 13:29
Good point. First of all, the about is not the place to add minor details. The about was originally mean for news-article style text with at least 500 characters. I'll restore this function in the near future.

About the different versions of an album. The rule of thumb is that different versions deserve their own entry on LSI. Back in the days it was simply, different album versions were only based on geographical location. Today, differences of album verions are smaller. Of course we don't want to end up with 100 different versions of a single album on LSI. I would say, use your common sense
MCSMeister | 16:35
Already, I'm experiencing some errors with this. If I tag the bonus tracks in the Edit Album box and create the bonus tracks from there, the title will appear as "Song Title [Bonus Track] [Bonus Track]" with one of the "[Bonus Track]"s actually registering as part of the title. This error doesn't occur when the bonus track already has a page, only when I'm creating it from the album edit page itself.
Ray | 19:05
I think I got the issue fixed
MCSMeister | 14:03
Yup, you did
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