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Contributor Day 2017!

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Ray | 00:01
Today it's that special day again, December 1st, Contributor DAY!!!! On Contributor Day I thank all of you who are contributing or have been contributing to LetsSingIt in the past.


The time and energy you guys put in LetsSingIt is very much appreciated. For many years LetsSingIt has been for many people the number one lyrics site on the internet. This has definitely to do with the dedicated contributors that keep the content of LetsSingIt up to date for 20 years (!) now.

Let me take this opportunity to talk you guys through the recent site updates. The upgrades were releted to the contribute system. The idea was to make the contribute options 1) easier to find, 2) easier to use and 3) accessible to guests. Upgrades are still in progress, but a lot already has changed:

- Everythings that's contribute related, can now quickly be found grouped together under the new "contribute"-tab in the top-menu (icon with pencil).
- The old "public"- and "moderator"- review queue have merged in to one review queue.
- The review status of the queue can now be found on several locations on the site; on top menu-bar, next to album/song names on lists and on the album/song pages. Now you always know when reviewing is needed.
- Review and contribute forms have been redesigned to make them easier to understand

Now, let's get a drink to celebrate this day!!

DJ... give us a beat please!!

Contribute Translation - Fax [Sebastian Busto Remix]

* offtopic :
Want to become a contributor too? Use the contribute tab to start submit content right away! To get credits and earn points for your contributsions, don't forget to register for a free account! Follow your points and VIP level progress on your profile page.
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MCSMeister | 00:10
Happy Contributor Day once again! And a big thank you for finally delineating all of the recent updates in one place. With all of these updates being silently implemented, it's been a bit difficult to understand them without clear insight on why they were implemented. Honestly, it might be useful to create a topic just for keeping us posted on big updates...like an "update log" of sorts. Any thoughts on that, Ray?
I'll DJ the party!

Great work as usual to everyone who contributes! Happy Contributor Day!

Also, don't forget the pizza and cigars!
Olivia_Ka | 01:30
And again, so proud to be part of these.
CarlJ | 12:20
Yayyyy! Happy Contributor Day everyone! NO, please don't let Jeff DJ! lol and no smoking allowed Jeff.....go outside and pollute your lungs.

Thanks Ray for all you have done and will continue to do!!!!
roxcyn | 16:22
Happy Contributor Day! I'm am blessed to have this website and all the forumers in my life.
DireDad | 16:09
Hi guys, glad to be able to join you on this endeavor/ passion!
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