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So, I have seen this music video many times around but I just can not rember the name of the song, the artist or any of the lyrics. Here is what I know:
1. the music video features a band
2. the band is playing in what looks like an attic
3. the video is mostly in black and white+
4. The most distinctive part of the video, is the red string/yarn/chord/ribbon. This string (I'm pretty sure) is the only thing in colour. We see it travelling through a town and it leads back to the attic.
5. The song is definitely quite famous, as me, a 15 year old, has heard it many times.
6. The song is from the 70s or 80s. My scottish parents who have lived in canda know it, but they cant seem to reccall it.

That's all I can remeber for now, so please help me if you know this song! It's been bugging me for ages!!
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roxcyn | 07:35
Nena - 99 red balloons? That's the only one I could think, but it didn't fit all of your description - there are red balloons in the song and in the video, though.
Thank you sophieeholmes11 for the clear description of the video!

I'm certain I've seen that Video somewhere back in the 80's too! I don't remember if it was shot in "an attic" but I do remember the special effects of the ribbon traveling all through doors and windows and places over the ground where its the only thing in color.....too bad I don't recall the name or band!

I got that one too roxcyn.... And viewed it, and its all in color, shot outdoors and I'm sure the person who began this question would have remembered the explosions too, so I looked around and found a site:

In The 80s - Favorite 80s Music Videos, Songs Beginning with A

I don't have enough time to search it but if sophieeholmes11 wants to check it out, someone wrote mini- descriptions of the music videos from the 1980's there. No search finds the right one, as I am not expressing it right for that site---but if someone wants to go through the alphabet (I did the A's its easy to read and ignore all the wrong ones looking for the right description of black and white, attic, with red ribbon as the only color on the video, etc.)

* offtopic :
By the way roxcyn----if you see anything that is missing from LSI on this huge list, you can add it in, right? [At top left it says it also has alphabet for 70's and 90's videos as well so maybe someone (you?) can add them in if they are missing any that Snap didn't find?)
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