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New navigation bar for LSI!

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Ray | 17:20
Hi guys,

A new site update has arrived!

So what's new? Beside some minor layout changes here and there, the eye catcher is of course the new top navigation bar. It is more relaxed for the eye and interacting with the sub menus is more easy than with the previous bar. It's also sticky, which means that it is always on top in your screen, wherever you are on the page. And check its semi- transparent background, so that you won't even notice its appearance on top of your screen

The search functionality also got an update. It is full page width, has larger font and , the "go" button has been removed. I see people are using their ENTER key on their keyboard to submit a (search)form. It's a trend, I see more and more forms on other sites also without a "go" button. And check the funny eraser feature

Also note that now also for desktop users the search functionality is hidden behind a button. For mobile users the search functionality was already hidden behind a button. Desktop users reduced from 50% two years ago to less than 25% today. So it's time to say goodbye to a different design for desktop. The top-menu is now "universal" which saves an enormous amount of coding under the hood and therefore increases response times of the site.

Give yourself a moment to get comfortable with the new design and let me hear your thoughts!

Upgrades often come with glitches. If you found one, please report it in the support section of the forum.

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Kill it with fire.
Hi Ray!

Quick items... easy fixes:

1. Left top Menu box menu.

"Contribute" clicking on that word goes to "oops" "Sorry, Page Not Found" (its the 404 error but no longer says 404 except in top tab on my Browser)

The others as listed ("words clicks and "+" symbol clicks) in the top menu all work correctly.

2. When I was on "my" PracticePractic profile page looking to see if any changes were there and trying to find old screen print to confirm my memory if there were changes made----I clicked on my word "profile" at the top of the left side menu under my figure icon.

Guess who I got?

Come on .....guess who?

You! Ray! Your profile page!

Don't know if it happens with others as remember I can only enter "my" own profile page box.

I did not go to your profile before doing mine... so its strange out of all the members to get you, but I took a screenshot of it and can post it later when I get posting site that is good. Otherwise I hope my description helps you to fix that.


Just posting these two. Everything else looks like it works.

New Player interface. I'll have to get to using it as I know you made improvements so I'll see if I can actually benefit from using it now (rather than my Microsoft Media Player version I've had for years on my computer).

Yes, funny eraser---deletes whole search line.

And yes, I like you made the search subgroups all the same level and size rather than in and out as before. Larger type for those with poorer vision!
Ray | 20:10
Thanks! 404 link fixed. Also the link to myself fixed, that one was still in test modus.

I don't know what you mean with the new player. I'm building a new player, which is only in test modus. You shouldn't see that one on the site yet.
New design it seems to me. Edges are still a bit "ragged" (hate I don't have a photo to show you).

I went to the generic top 25 LSI list

Other playlists :
LetsSingIt Top 25

and the video portion stays at top of screen and I cna't scroll down the list of songs. I forget... is it supposed to "not" allow you to scroll down the screen? No scroll bar on right of screen like this page has.... but I see a "little" bit of one on the list of 25 songs and can move it a few cm/mm up and down but not enough to see next song on list. Just Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" song at the top.

Hope that helps you!
Joeyy | 21:18
I like the new search bar, but on first use the rest of the site seems a lot more inaccessible.
roxcyn | 03:38
Looks interesting. What about when you go to the notifications - there's nothing to delete individual ones like before.
Hi Ray!

(Apologies for not contributing much these days---afraid of "virus ransomware" so not clicking on "anything" so I can't do anything outside of this and a few other trusted sites for a while.... *sigh* its the computer age alright!)


Found one small item:

When I'm in my "Notifications" Here is my personal link,
[I'm almost certain it only will work for you or mean something to you Ray, others will find they can't access that page, am I correct?--but this is not the question for today--see below]

Banner at top of page (I haven't checked in a while so maybe it always did this)

Black Banner reads: "Profile" "Messages" "Notification(s)" [in blue as I'm in the page, right?], "Moderate" "Options"

All tabs listed there work sending you to the correct pages...

Question of the day:

"Options" tab just sends you to the Profile of myself with birthday, location, name, and one edit button.

If so, is "Options" really saying what it does? Isn't "Edit Profile" a better--though two worded---choice? Maybe some here who make spelling corrections like Nicolas might come up with a snappy one word answer [though I don't like the "My" result of one such consolidation as "My" to me doesn't explain why I should click on the tab, but maybe others here get it from Facebook or other sites so it makes sense to them....

I'm just not getting the essential purpose of the "Options" button when I'm on the page that says "Notification(s)"--To my eyes and mind, sounds like I'm selecting "Options" for the Notification(s).... i.e. as if we can edit or chose the color or shape of bell or if the bell makes a sound or stays mute when notifications arrive---all good suggestions I assume, but don't do them as waste of programming skills to offer these up---I'm just saying what "Options" button in that location would mean to me.

Maybe say : "My Profile Edit button?" I know too many words!

Have a good day!

Be Safe from the Virus---we don't want to lose this site and its valuable, useful, informative, interesting collection of Lyrics from the US and around the world!
I posted the above question faster than I wanted to as I clicked on "Personalize" yellow button on same page and its just turning and turning and not doing anything....so was afraid I'd lose some site functionality so posted my one question (long question) quickly to reserve my place--- So this is a report that the Yellow Personalize button has been turning 9, 10 minutes now and nothing happens---stays on the greyed out page cover.
Ray | 09:54
The bar "Profile - Messages - Notifications - ... " shouldn't have been there. I think that explains it all I update the notifications page. Thanks for reporting!

For more issues with the site, please use the support forum so that we don't have a thread in here with mixed subjects
Thank you for the fix Ray!

Of course you fix something somewhere....and somewhere else something happens.... I seem to remember a little boy; a dike; and a finger, from your country (The Netherlands/Holland), who saved everyone!
And just like he did Ray, you keep on plugging those leaks!

What I found new is under "Notifications" for this thread. When I was notified your message was there it actually said:

2 new comments in a followed topic:
New navigation bar for LSI!
4 hours ago

Now unless its counting "my own" message above yours, 13 hours ago, which it should not...

Its reporting two messages 4 hrs ago when it was only one message, from you in that thread.

Small counting bug---I've done those--easy to find---just run a "trace and report" program for those not familiar with how to do these things!
* offtopic :

Yes, I know you just said move support issues off of here, but you can see this directly referred to this particular thread and this particular notification for your posting so I felt it was germane to report it here.... I'll do separate support threads from now on for the new design
Joeyy | 21:37
Sorry if this has been mentioned already: No longer being able to see what a notification is without clicking and being taken to another page is a bit of a pain.

Just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to consider changing that again.
Ray | 22:31
in case you wanted to consider changing that again

That's assuming what you see is how I wanted it to work. So not so fast First question is it it's intended being taken to another page to see your notifications. Nope of course not.

I don't exactly see/understand what you mean. You're not using the notification functionality as it should. There is either a bug or perhaps you just don't know your notifications are listed under the '+' sign. But I guess you already know that.

Can you give me an exact walkthrough of your actions? And to do this, please create a topic in the help section since this is off topic and also allows others to join this thread
Joeyy | 22:30
Sorry for the late reply. I guess I was clicking on the wrong thing (the word rather than the "+"). I get how it works now.
Ray | 22:33
Perfect! I'm a master in confusing people with my creations

I'm not sure if that's a good thing though
tabbydog | 19:16
The new nav bar is very good. If I could make one suggestion; is that each time we do a search we must reset the filter. When you are searching often it is with the same filter; ie. 'Artists'. If the member could set their preference to their filter that they used the most it would save a great deal of time. Then they would only have to change it when they needed to work outside their norm. Thanks. Tabbydog
I didn't check this in my listing of screen shots, nor my complete memory as today has been demanding--so I might alter my suggestion later on if shown to be not true.....but I seem to recall that the old method had a pull down menu that "stuck" in the position of "Artists" "Song" "All Music" etc and showed us the sub group we were searching under. The new menu vanishes and unless we remember what we were searching last, we have to pull down the menu to either remember what filter we were searching under or as tabbydog describes it, "reset the filter" "each time we do a search". So maybe there is a way to bring back or have as a "sticky" option the last filter setting.
roxcyn | 23:47
On mobile it tells you what you're searching for - I think the desktop version does, too. It defaults to all music. Do you guys see that?
tabbydog | 00:36
When I finish up an artist I always go to the Content Check to see what I've missed. I have throught for some time this is a very time consuming process since with every addition you have to go all the way back to the beginning to make the next change. Again I'm not a programing guru so please do not laugh if this suggestion is out of the question. My thoughts are that when we click on a pending change that entry point be opened up in another window so we can make the change, save it, and move back to first window so we do not have to go though the whole process. It would also be more helpful if there were a part of the new window that would list all the changes on that page, say Gene, Video etc so we can make more than one change. Thanks It always so nice that you listen to our concerns. Tony (tabbydog)
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