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VIP upgrade is live [December 1st, 2016]

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Ray | 00:03
Hi guys,

The VIP upgrade which I already introduced here Activity & Leaderboards & VIP system is live!

What changed?

The way your VIP level is calculated changed. In the old system it was based on the amount of time you spend on LSI. In the new system your VIP level is based on how much you contribute to LSI.

Why did it change?

The new system is more fair and more intuitive. The idea is also that it triggers everybody to contribute to the (music) content. LSI is a crowd driven content site, so building a better LSI depends on people like yourself.

How do I "contribute"?

You can contribute by submitting new songs, correcting lyrics, adding artist picture, writing comments, voting on songs, etc. For this you'll earn points. You can find your earned points in activity overviews. Activity overviews can be found across the site, on you profile page, on artist pages, song pages, etc.

To contribute you have to be a member. Not a member yet? 50 pushups! Create an account if you're not already a member.

Points and VIP levels

Your VIP level is based on the average amount of points you collected in the last 100 days. Your VIP level is updated once a day at 00:00 LSI time (GMT). You can follow your progress on your VIP status page. The table below lists the amount of points required to reach the VIP levels:

Basic: 1 point
Bronze: 5 points
Silver: 10 points
Gold: 25 points
Elite: 50 points

Happy contributing!!


* offtopic :
p.s. did you know today it's Contributor Day?
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