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What have those one-hit wonders become?

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Olivia_Ka | 06:15
"A one-hit wonder is an artist known for having had one true hit throughout his career". Pure Charts investigated to get news of singers who had marked their time, then disappeared : Emilia, Samantha Mumba, Vanessa Carlton... What have become those singers known for an only hit? The answer!

Everybody remembers the piano notes that launched Vanessa Carlton's career, on top of charts in 2002. With her debut single A Thousand Miles, the American singer got the honor to get a Top 5 in the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a nomination for the Billboard Awards, the American Music Awards and even the Grammy Awards! N°8 in France with her pop and romantic song, Vanessa could not do any better. Closer or farther. After the logical success of her debut album Be Not Nobody, the artist saw her sales suddenly melt and none of her follow-ups attracted the audience. Turning to a stripped and intimate sound, far from mainstream radios, Vanessa continued releasing albums. Her latest, Liberman, released in 2015, was produced by Steve Osborne (Placebo and Sophie Ellis-Bextor) and topped at the 32nd place of American independent album charts.
Watch the video for Operator (2015).

Although she released 4 albums, Jennifer Paige only had one hit single : Crush. "It's just a little crush, not like I faint every time we touch" she sang on her swing in 1998. Number one in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the fresh pop song has been N°3 of the Billboard Hot 100 during 4 weeks and also seduced France (N°4). Since then, Jennifer multiplied attempts to enter charts again (she released the duet with Lââm, Ta Voix (The Calling) in 2008) but nothing happened. After a Christmas album released on download in 2012 and the pop-country track Is It Ever Enough? in 2015, the 42-year-old American singer called Internet surfers to help her finance her next album Starflower on the site Kickstarters. Good news? It will be available from September!
Listen to Is It Ever Enough? (2015).

Jamelia went the same way as she came... Signed to a major at 15 years old, the British singer released her debut single So High in 1999, but her album became unnoticed. 3 years later, the single Superstar, from the album Thank You, is a worldwide hit. Number one in Australia, N°3 in the UK and in France, the song is aired on radios, the video appeared on television, it was the overdose. The follow-up Thank You managed to be an European hit, Jamelia released her next album Walk With Me in 2006 and 2 singles reached the Top 10 in the UK. Despite signing to a new label and announcing another album with "Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's producers", finally, nothing came out. A judge for "The Voice" in Ireland, Jamelia also started her acting career before being a contestant for Strictly Come Dancing, the UK version of Dancing With The Stars, in 2015.

In 1998, Emilia made the planet melt with a catchy and simple pop ballad : Big Big World. Who never sang "I'm a big, big girl in a big, big world?" The Swedish singer caused a whirlwind everywhere, except in the United States : number one in many countries, the melancholic song reached the second place in France during 6 weeks, and was certified gold for 250,000 copies sold. But after the follow-up Good Sign, catastrophe! Emilia did not quit, continuing singing either in English or in Swedish, and recorded Everybody with DJ Bobo, known for the hit Chihuahua. Now under the name Emilia Mitiku, the 38-year-old singer covered Rihanna's We Found Love and released her album I Belong To You in 2013, without success despite the lovely ballad You're Not Right For Me. From now on, Emilia sings in small festivals and goes on a cruise this summer, while giving news about her next album on her Facebook page.
Watch the video for You're Not Right For Me (2013).

Releasing her debut single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) in 2005, Sandi Thom did not surprise charts. But when she signed to Sony, success has been spreaded. Between pop and folk and very organic, the vibrating song went to number one in the UK, Australia and Ireland, and N°8 in France in January 2007. Sandi's debut album Smile... It Confuses People was a success but the follow-up The Pink And The Lily became a failure. Despite that, the Scottish singer released Merchants And Thieves in 2010, Flesh And Blood in 2012 and the cover album Covers Collection in 2013. Last year, she came back with Earthquake, hoping to release her sixth album, but radios did not play her song. The angry and furious artist posted a video on Facebook, against radio programmers : "I'm fucking sick to death of the bullshit this industry pulls on people like me. Enough, I'm done. Fuck you Radio 2!" Since then, silence on radios, of course.
Listen to Earthquake (2015).

Samantha Mumba's career flew like a falling star. In 2000, the Irish singer broke through with her pop/R&B hit Gotta Tell You, that went to N°4 in the United States, N°2 in the UK and N°9 in France. The follow-ups Body II Body and Always Come Back To Your Love went well from here to there. Samantha only released one studio album, not preventing her from releasing a Best Of! Released in 2006, The Collection includes a remix of Gotta Tell You and the artist's excellent R&B song Right Here remains her latest single. After appearances on television and in movies, Samantha participated to Dancing On Ice and Big Brother, before coming back in 2013 with Somebody Like Me and making another attempt with Only Just Begun, without success. The mother of a baby girl, Sage, born last year, promised the EP Sammy Girl this year... But we are still waiting.
Watch the teaser for Sammy Girl here.

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kalsonberry | 17:04
Only really familiar with Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles" was a great song! I liked a couple of her other smaller hits, "Ordinary Day", "White Houses", and "Nolita Fairytale". But yeah, haven't listened to anything more recent than that...I'm sure it's tough being a musician where most people only care about a couple songs that he or she wrote a long time ago. I feel like most of the alt-rock/emo bands I listen to that were biggest in the early 2000s still have a good group of loyal followers, but there are so many piano/guitar singer songwriters that have come and went...is Michelle Branch's new album ever going to come out?
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