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Natalia Kills becomes Teddy Sinclair

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Olivia_Ka | 19:17
Natalia Kills is dead, hail to Teddy Sinclair! The British singer changes her name before coming back to the spotlights for her third album.

Don't call her Natalia Kills anymore! "Wonderland" singer officially announced that she changed her stage name to Teddy Sinclair. Her Natalia Kills Twitter and Instagram are now inactive.

On social networks, the artist explained her change name by her marriage to Willy Moon. "One year ago, when I married Willy, I took his name" she wrote, adding that his real last name is Sinclair. "For a long time, my friends and close family are used to call me Teddy and my husband thought it was a good idea to add my nickname to my married name" she said to her 138,000 followers. Also, the singer said that she had never felt so "natural", presenting herself as "Mrs. Teddy Natalia Noemi Sinclair", before thanking her fans for faithfulness.

But this change happened after a scandal caused by the young couple. During "The X Factor" in New Zealand, then-Natalia Kills and Willy Moon had violently criticised a contestant, which led to their eviction from the jury. Will she go back to the top as Teddy Sinclair, after this bad buzz?

No matter, the singer is working on the follow-up of Trouble (2013). She has also written "Holy Water" for Madonna's new album Rebel Heart and tracks from Rihanna's eighth studio album #R8, which release date hasn't been confirmed yet.

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