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New design for LetsSingIt!

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Ray | 14:10
I bet you had to look twice or maybe you're still figuring out what is going on, LetsSingIt has a new design! The "old" layout was 8 years old and in internet land, this is more than a lifetime. It was built back in 2007-2008 when Facebook was still unknown, Twitter did not exist yet, Nokia ruled the cell phone market and cell phones could only be used to call, .... ok, and to play Snake.


How different is that today, "phones" is not the right word anymore, it's "mobile devices" since they come in all sizes and options and can do a zillion things more than playing Snake. But they have all one thing in common, you can use them to access the internet. The number of mobile users in the world is still growing extremely fast. So it's more important than ever before to have a mobile friendly website, which means that the website is also perfectly viewable on the smaller screens of the mobile devices. Today, 60% of LetsSingIt's visitors use a mobile device to access our site, and that's even with the old layout that didn't scale well on mobile devices. So time for a mobile friendly website!

What is new

Curious to what's new? It's too much too mention it all, so here are the highlights.

This new LetsSingIt layout is now mobile friendly, the site optimizes it's presentation based on the device used to access LetsSingIt. This so called "responsive" design, makes LetsSingIt easy to access no matter how large or small you device is. You're one of these 40% desktop viewers? ... then grab your phone ...eh, "mobile device" for a demonstration!

Faster loading
The latest techniques on board to serve pages light and ultra-fast.

More info with less clicking
With the use of the large menu and "load more" buttons, more information is loaded in a split second without having to leave the page.

New comment system
Adding pictures, topics and comments is now done and a new form. Use the popped-out (or "detached") version for extra options, or use the small "submit-on-enter" form for quick comments. Want to use Facebook to comment? Also possible now, Facebook has been integrated with LetsSingIt.

Profile picture
Artist profile pictures are now supersized and can be edited by moderators now. Members can now also add their profile picture.

Song/album info
I got this question many times, where to put extra song or album information, because there is no field for that. Well, now there is. This option is currently only available for moderators (at the song-edit form).

Minor things that make you LSI life easier
- preview option at sending messages
- quick filter on long songs and albums pages of artists
- likes count added to hall-of-fame
- active topics can also be viewed by last comments
- everybody can edit their comments up to 15 minutes after saving

Bug Report

Found something that is not working in the way it should? Please let me know in the Support section of the forum.

Comments, tips or suggestions about the new layout, let me know!


* offtopic :
Thanks to my wife Aisha for not only helping building this new layout, but also for the support on this biggest project in LetsSingIt history. This project has been quite a rollercoaster, but the result is there!
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Joeyy | 17:06
Do you mean add additional artists?
musdan77 | 17:35
The names of the songwriters are below some song lyrics but not others.
Olivia_Ka | 17:46
You mean, author rights below the "written by" line? I don't think artist mods can add songwriters.
Ray | 17:54
The show all tracks/albums checkbox was not a very popular option. And the fact that I couldn't make these pages (with a lot of extra info) mobile friendly made me decide to remove this option.

And about the songwriter credits, this info is inserted automatically, it's not editibale through a form.

end of info
elodiec | 22:30
Excellent new website!! L o v i n g i t! ! ! !
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