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Jonatan Cerrada stops his music career

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Olivia_Ka | 17:01
Sad news for Jonatan Cerrada's fans. The singer, who won Nouvelle Star first season in 2003, announced, with a heavy heart, that he stopped his music career, after his brother had died last May.

On May 7, Jonatan Cerrada's elder brother Julien passed away. The electrician was working on an utility pole when a truck knocked his vehicle straight ahead. The father of 2 died on the spot at 32 years old. This terrible drama shocked the Belgian singer, revealed during "Nouvelle Star" first season in 2003.

"This giant tsunami is the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me" the young man posted in a long message to his fans on Facebook. "It happened 7 months and half ago and we're trying to overcome this every day, a little more" he said to put words on his pain. Jonatan Cerrada has been mourning his late brother for months, that's why he wondered about life. Now based in Bali, the 29-year-old singer took his pen to announce the end of his career.

After the drama, Jonatan thought he could concentrate on music. In vain. "At first, I thought that composing was a gateway, who knows... Those tragic events could have inspired me some songs, I wished it was the case, but it wasn't... That's why I'm more an artist who needs to be fine to write, than an artist inspired by sadness" the boy who covered Michel Jonasz's "Je Voulais Te Dire Que Je T'Attends" said.

Facing an existential question, the musician chose to leave his passion and mostly, the music industry, in which he doesn't recognise himself. "It's as if I felt completely jet-lagged with most of the people who are part of it. I'm not a buzz guy, not even for friendship and even less, those TV shows where former real TV stars come back to glory" he said, even if he doesn't judge anyone. Whereas he felt "happy of his course" and very grateful of "affection proofs" shown by his audience for years, music isn't his priority anymore. "If I really hear myself [...] I must say that at the moment, I'm not dreaming of a new album" he said, "open-hearted".

Now, he's looking for other experiences, either in Bali or somewhere else in the world. "I simply believe I need a simple life... Somewhere else" the singer said. He added that the page isn't entirely turned and "nothing is definitive. For the moment, I need to hear myself and choose who I am right now, by doing more enthusiastic projects" he ended, before thanking those who have supported him.

Watch the video for "Je Voulais Te Dire Que Je T'Attends" (2003) here.

To know more about Jonatan, check jonatan-cerrada.net.

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