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Updates : Feat Song, vip system and Music Player

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Ray | 00:08
July 1st, today is the release date of 3 updates.

[B]Featured song[/B]

After 3,756 daily polls (over 10 years!) LSI stops with the poll in its current format. Awww... But don't be too disappointed, we have something new! We combined the daily featured artist with the poll. The result : a daily featured song! Every day LSI selects a brand new hot song and we would like to know what you think of it. In the menu bar (next to the LSI search form) you'll find a link to the featured song to listen to it and vote. It pretty much explains itself, so check it out! The featured song also replaces the daily featured artist which was found on the frontpage.

[B]New VIP System[/B]

More big changes, LSI changed its VIP system. With this new VIP system is much transparent and much easier to climb your way up to higher VIP levels. Your VIP level is now updated daily instead of monthly. Checkout your VIP progression at the completely renewed VIP status page. And an extra nice addition worth to mention; advertising is now off for all members. Read all ins and outs about the new VIP system in the help section.

[B]LSI Music Player[/B]

The LSI music player is hot, so time to give it a facelift. The following updates make it more user friendly for sure : 1) For you're the "favorite songs" playlist you can now add and remove songs directly in the player. 2) You can sort the songs by dragging them with your mouse in the order you would like to hear them.

Comments, tips and suggestions, are welcome as usual

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I've been here for almost 6 years and I'm elite. The amount of time you've been here doesn't mean what your level is. I'm pretty sure it's just based off on that person's activity level on here.
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