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New Beach Boys cd.

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tigerbee | 21:06
The Beach Boys just released a new cd titled- Thats Why God Made The Radio. The cd contains 12 new songs!. This cd has beautiful harmonies, great music arrangements, good singing and some interesting lyrics. This cd is light rock with a edge. Lead singer Mike Love still has a boyish singing voice. The Beach Boys are the golden boys of rock and roll now plus a American institution. This new cd is fantastic!!.
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zjenn4 | 21:53
Hey there! I've noticed you're a Beach Boys fan, and that you've started a few threads on them lately. That's awesome, but most of this info can be submitted to the artist mod, or into the queue for review as "Artist News." In the future, try adding this type of information there, where it's appropriate. Then, if there is still something you really need to discuss openly, let's limit that to ONE general thread about the Beach Boys, instead of a bunch of small ones all talking about the same thing.

Thank you!

P.S. I'm gonna close this one, since I know there is already another one that is open.
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