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Ray | 14:53
The member area of LSI has been restyled. The old style was already a couple of years old and since then the standard for member based websites has changed a lot. Nowadays, it's all about friends, you create your own friend circle and share information with them.

Also, today it's all about quick access, the years of sub-menus and sub-pages are gone. Maximum information with as little clicks as possible, but without getting the feeling you're lost on the site. I like clear structures, clear site navigation, but also like to see LSI meets nowadays standards. I think with the new updates these two are perfectly in balance.

So, let's talk about the changes!

New: Artist fans

Members who add an artist to their favorites are considered as "fan" of this artist. At each artist you can find a list of all fans. This makes it easy to find and meet other members with similar taste in music.

New: VIP level

Also new is the VIP program on LSI. Being a member you can climb your way up the VIP ladder: basic (1 star), bronze (2 stars), silver (3 stars), gold (4 stars) and elite (5 stars). This program brings more flexibility in access to options on LSI. A higher VIP level gives more privileges. Right now everybody has the same rules and restrictions. With the VIP program you get awarded if you're active on the site. A higher VIP level shows that you're a dedicated user who can be trusted. Connecting VIP level to privileges is for the next phase. First the VIP levels have to be fine tuned. They have to precisely represent your activity on LSI.

More about this VIP program in the LSI help.

Changed: Friends system

The old friend functionality was more like a bookmarking system. You bookmarked your friends so that you could easily find them. You could bookmark anyone you want. This has been changed. If you want to become friends with another member, this member has to accept your request. This method opens the door to share personal information on different levels, share with everybody, share with LSI members, or share with your friends only.

New : Profile reactions

Ever want to react on something about a member, but not worth a private message? Now you can leave a reaction on the profile page of a member.

New : Myletssingit-dropdown menu

The Myletssingit options have been added to the dropdown menus. With this menu you now have quick access to all available options. Note that in the "myletssingit" section you now only find account settings. Some options have been moved, others removed:

Moved : My pictures, my friends, my favorites and my forum bookmarks

The "content-mange" options in myletssingit have moved to other parts of the site; my pictures, my friends and my favorites (before "my music") to your profile page and my forum bookmarks to the forum.

Removed : My weblogs, my page and my notepad

My page, my weblog and my notepad have been removed from LSI. These options became less popular or were often used for other purposes then what they were meant for. All weblogs have been moved to the forum category "General Discussion". Members who had their pages or notepad filled have received a message with a copy of it. So nothing is lost.

Restyled: Member profiles

With the new options mentioned earlier, the member profiles have been restyled; more fancy, more information, more options. Your own member profile is now also the place where you'll be redirected to when you log in to your account. This is also the place where you manage your pictures, friends and favorites.

Let me hear your thoughts


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Execujetv12 | 06:17
Great updates. I think most of us are enjoying the updates. Thank you!
LafayetteEMT | 04:12
alright a little flustered....I really liked this site before, but I only used it to get lyrics but since the changes I am not able to find all the lyrics I previously saved and did not receive a message with them as a previous person stated. Can anyone help me find them.
Greatly appreciated!
Schatzi | 04:28
Can you no longer hide the avatars? If so I'm epically bummed out. I really do despise seeing them.
You mean like your pictur thing right?
Dagor | 13:51
she means avatars
TheAnnoyance | 15:29

Yeah, that option seems to of dissapeared.
Rogeliocross | 01:51
Bucephalus | 11:29
man i can't get over how helpful and unflamboyantly sassy dan is sometimes. someone wonders what an avatar is so he tells them it's an avatar. wow, wisdom does come with age i guess.
Olivia_Ka | 18:22
What happened to the "artist news" ?
When I click on an old one, the title show but the news displayed is the most recent...
Ray | 16:58
Problem with artist news fixed.

Remember to report bugs trough private messenger to me. Bugs have my highest priority, so if you step on one, PM me right away, tnx
PuterDragon | 01:38
Thanks Ray!!
gostampsgo | 05:44
I'm hoping that our ability to set the song videos will be restored soon.
TheAnnoyance | 12:36
Yeah, i was wondering whats happening with them..
Dagor | 01:05
when is this site finally going to be able to cook or do the dishes .. that would be handy! .. all the rest is schnickschnack
those re-directs are really starting to annoy me, I was halfway through submitting some lyrics when all of a sudden i get re-directed to amazon.com so I hit back, and the lyrics I was writing were all gone
Joeyy | 18:18
Aw, that really sucks. I've not been re-directed for quite a while; I figured they'd stopped for everyone.
zstella | 04:34
thank you!
PunkRckr8 | 05:02
how about using ads that don't contain malware...

zjenn4 | 05:06
I second that. I no longer get redirected, but now I get the bright red THIS SITE CONTAINS MALWARE page.
Krade | 18:59
Word censor

for all food names. I'm offended when people talk about or describe incredible foodstuff that isn't available to me or I can't readily eat. choking from saliva = lawsuit
Dagor | 01:13
chicken chicken chicken chicken .. mmmm tasty
valdez | 22:04
My first experience with LSI was in yellow colour. It was a few years ago
I must admit, that I have never seen that version of LSI
I like the current version of the site - evolution is good, if it goes in right direction. LSI is going right way.
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