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Chris Beniot in murder-suicide...

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Chris Beniot's death part of a murder-suicide

Pro-wrestler Chris Beniot, 40, his wife Nancy and 7 year old son Daniel were found dead in their home in Fayetteville, Georgia, in what police have not confirmed but believe to be a murder-suicide.

I honestly can't believe it; I'm an on/off WWE fan, but for those of who who may not know, Chris Beniot was considered one of the most popular and most technical wrestlers of all time... to think he was even capable, let alone carry out something so terrible is unbelievable... I have been left utterly gob smacked.
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Rise | 22:30
But the thing that really bursts my bubble (and only wrestling fans would know of this) is that Vince McMahon has possibly elaborated a fake death on an episode of Raw is War. It was a complete fluke that I saw this, cuz I don't watch that crap anymore, but, using my knowledge from the old days, I watched as Vince McMahon walked to his limousine, then as soon as he closes the door, it explodes. Now I haven't heard if this was all a hoax, but it TOTALLY looked fake, like everything in wrestling. And if it is fake, then apox on the WWE and all its affiliates! To reap the rewards of providing this kinda morbidly wrong FAMILY entertainment, is just wrong.

Well, aren't you smart for figuring out its all fake. The fact the Vince McMahon was on TV to cut short his death angle on news of Benoit kind of game the game away though. It was a poorly concieved story and the WWE were already suffering for it before the Benoit thing happened.

On point, I dont know how to react to the news, its just seems so almost surreal. Benoit was one of the greatest wrestling technicians of this generation. I shan't judge or speculate on things of which I know nothing. I'll just say one thing on the matter.

hope11 | 22:39
how is the police so sure that beniot killed everyone?
Rise | 22:46
The fact that the killings were spread across 48 hours maybe? With Chris being the last? Through hanging? Whilst the others were forecfully asphixiated? And the fact that he sent out texts - after the estimated time of his wife's death - telling people his address and which door to come through?

Any of those reasons per chance?
NightHobbit | 00:04
maybe the fact his dna was also found on his wifes neck he apprently smashed her face in too
Cheater138 | 04:04
His DNA could be on her for many reasons.. she was his wife after all.

Anyway, it's becoming apparent that he really did do it, all I really want to know now is why. It's like an episode of Law and Order, pretty surreal, I'm waiting for it all to come together in the last 10 minutes and then have the credits roll.. heh.
PunkRckr8 | 20:03
maybe the fact his dna was also found on his wifes neck he apprently smashed her face in too

I personally have heard nothing of that sort come out, but maybe your sources are better (or worse) than mine

anyway, the new thing is that someone edited his Wikipedia page saying his wife was dead, 14 hours before was found

could have just been some rumor starter who got lucky, but still pretty weird

WikiNews page on it
original_sin | 11:47
its still all 2 crazy....

mmm nah 2 surreal i reckon...of all the people in the world 2 do something like this, he would have been one of the last people i would have thought could have done something like this.... insane
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