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Hunnicomb | 19:01
has anybody else heard of this?
I read a couple of articles about it a few days ago - i think it's coming into press because of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
Tom is a Scientologist and even though Katie was raised as a Catholic, she's taking classes and thinking of converting.
I don't know much about the religion, so correct me if i'm wrong - but followers believe that spirits of dead aliens live inside humans - is that right?
I read that they don't believe in nurture as this makes children weak and dependent. so for example, if a child hits their head on a wall, the parent won't 'kiss it better', instead, they'll hold the kid's head against the wall, believing that the pain will flow back into the wall.
there's lots more stuff like this, which i don't think can be good for a child. Like there's special schools for kids who are of this religion, and they only learn how to write, maths and Scientology. and for the rest of the day they do manual labour. Then, once they are old enough, they are expected to sign a contract saying they will be a Scientologist for a billion years.

anyone know anymore about this religion?
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mikey_boy | 01:25
scientology sucks?

anyone? anyone?
FireWaterBurn | 01:27
Actually, I sorta believe some of that...


Like, if it is cold out and you tell yourself it is warm, you won't feel the cold... Same with minor pain. Just tell yourself it doesn't exist.

Cheater138 | 01:32
So this 'religion' was created from science fiction books? Man, people will eat up anything these days...

If anyone tried to tell me I couldn't make a sound while giving birth I'd probably resort to knawing their head off.. that's just plain stupid.
vandy | 02:15
I can see where some of this just seems ridiculous, however, if there's people that truly believe it, well...

...you really can't poke holes in other peoples' faith.
Metallicum | 17:22
The cold/warm thing is just simple psychology... And would someone tell me what's the point about not screaming when you are pushing a baby out of yourself, in endless pain?
DannyB | 17:26
The answer is quite logical, the baby is proberly alot less stressed minus the noises and such. Whether its true I wouldnt know, but its sounds simple
hell_born | 01:45
scientology=scam to make monney

catholic=scam to manipulate and make monny in the proces

prodesent=not as evil as chatolic

judism=beter then christianity

orthodocxs= scam to give power to the

budasim=a good way of thinking

shintoism= slightly violent

muslim= promotes vioelence and discrimination

spiritualistic= a good way of thinking.
mikey_boy | 01:52
Atheist = f*ck religion. best way of thinking.
FireWaterBurn | 01:55
Religion in general is a good thing.

Metallicum | 07:07
At least it is its intension to be good...
I apologize for bumping a relatively old thread, however it might be better than actually starting a new one of the same topic.
As i understand Scientology, it's worse than a regular religion, because they attempt to "brainwash" their followers, also, they require a set amount of money before they actually begin to teach them their philosophy.

A Christian will tell you all about God and Christianity if you ask them.
A Muslim will tell you all about Allah and Islam if you ask them.
A Scientologist will tell you all about Xenu and Scientology if you pay them.

Scientology is bad for people. It's almost like a cult. Other religions actually help people in their everyday lives, but so many people have died from being audited or attempting to believe...

it's a horrid thing, it is.
PunkRckr8 | 20:48
* offtopic :
don't worry, you correctly bumped a thread in order to avoid making multiple topics, and this is a pertinent one anyway

I tried to talk to by brother-in-law about scientology and he seemed to think it was no worse than other religions because they all try to rope you in the same way (kind of what hell born scorningly alluded to above), but I personally think Scientology takes things to an entirely new level and I think that it should be outlawed, which I think is an action many European countries/cities are taking.
WH1 | 22:56
a very good science fiction writer
gone bad
with a really ficticious "religion"
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