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Funny School Stories

0 likes - like | 16-01-2005 03:07 LinkinLawg  
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I have a couple:

1. In algebra class my senior year of high school the teacher said "I haven't been following this text book all year". but me and about 90% of the class thought he said "I haven't been following the sex book all year" AFter that the whole class burst out into laughter.

2. This year, my freshman year in college, one kid lit a fart on fire in his dorm room. It made a big flame. It was fuuny but it stank really bad.

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0 likes - like | 16-01-2005 03:07 LinkinLawg 
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anybody have any funny school stories to share?
0 likes - like | 16-01-2005 03:10 helpme24get 
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One time my friend was walking down the hall and shes pretty short for our age and these times ya know? Anyways, she was walking with her friend and her pants are really long and her friend steps on the bottom of her pants and pulls one side of them like halfway down her butt and she was wearin a thong and she almost cried...........she laughed instead though.
0 likes - like | 16-01-2005 03:15 littlesponz 
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ah..this isn't too funny..more sickening...but it's on the same lines of that last story.

a bigger girl in our gym class had those button up pants. we were playing hockey and there were a few people after the this girl and a few others were trying to get it. somebody accidently got the girls pants and..RRRRRIP. off they go. one whole side completely unbuttoned. it was funny..she was just holding her pants and running to the bathroom. but it was kinda sick cuz she's a bigger girl. i just turned away right away. felt bad for
0 likes - like | 21-02-2005 03:59 LinkinLawg 
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0 likes - like | 21-02-2005 04:09 Ravegurl03 
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such a spammer!!

Ok, once, umm...there's this guy in my math class that is always talking. He's pretty funny, and I don't mind, but it drives everyone crazy after the 20th song he sings. A peticular girl is always fussing at him-Johnny-Shut Up!! It drives the whole class crazy, too. One day, they were both absent, and this other girl in our class when the whole room was silent, said, Everybody shut UP! Everyone looked at her and together we all said, Nobody's talking! She laughed and said, I was only filling in for Lauren today. It was funny.
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 22:22 Bianca_Joan 
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One lunch time, this girl and I were walking along, and this bird came along, and did this huge poo on her back. She didn't realise at first, but as soon as I told her, she ran to the toilets. She tried as hard as she could to get it off, but in the end, it looked really horrible, and smelled. Suddenly, I burst out laughing, because she was wearing her t shirt inside out, and would have to the whole day, now that there was bird poo splattered all over her back!
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 22:27 DirtyBlueAngel 
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You've already made a thread about school stories?

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