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Why so many pop-ups?

0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 18:08 Munz  
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Why does have soooo many pop ups, even with pop-up block some get thru, what is up with that? One time, I didnt use pop-up blocker, and I had to re-boot my comp, grrr, I hate popups.

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0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 18:10 batmanpinkypunk 
22,438 posts
hmmm i dont notice it. i have pop up blockers on aol and mozilla and i guess they dont let anything through cause i never have a problem! *knock on wood*
0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 18:15 x_StRaWbErReEz_ 
4,089 posts
i know when i try to login i keep on having to start again soooooooo many pop-ups!
0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 19:32 Catatonic 
7,164 posts
Dude - Mozilla Firefox. No. of pop-ups - 0

0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 19:38 slim_gary 
7,286 posts
yer i know. my pop up blocker only seems to let in these pop-ups..

: yellow pages
: some download thing which i have the trick to get rid of( everytime u click 'no' it says you must click 'ok' so do that then click no again then ok then no then close the pop-up window.... )
: some search engine thing
: you have won a free cruise

0 likes - like | 24-08-2004 20:08 danastasia 
19,307 posts
Hmm, that "click YES" one Ray knows about, he doesn't let those kind of annoying adverts on the site...
0 likes - like | 28-08-2004 04:28 doggowhoof 
291 posts
yea, does anyone else get popups in the words on people's posts? like in batman's post the word popup was blue and if you put your mouse over it it advertised. I have to constantly run virus scans when I go on this site but it's the only lyrics site that I like...

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